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  1. Confirm House Finch

    Thanks, I've been getting fooled by the male House Finches that have a lot of raspberry/wine coloring. Even if they have it all through their backs, they are very streaked under their wings.
  2. Confirm House Finch

    Thank you. I had either a female or a juvenile male Purple Finch visit my feeder a while ago. I'm still learning the differences between the two. I've been told that the Purple Finches do come to my area in the winter, so I'm keeping an eye out in case that ever happens.
  3. Confirm House Finch

    Please confirm this is a House Finch. Taken yesterday in central Indiana. Thank you. http://
  4. Which hawk?

    Thank you!
  5. Which hawk?

    A friend of mine snapped this photo in the last hour or two, in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio which is very wooded and runs along a creek. I would appreciate any help identifying it. He was wondering if it is a juvenile red tail hawk. I just don't know enough about hawks to say anything, so I thought it would be good to ask here. http://
  6. Indigo Bunting?

    I'm jealous! Indigos are one of my faves that I've only seen a time or two, and don't have a decent photo of. Is this a juvenile or a female, or does the male change its color for the winter?
  7. Yellow Rumped Warbler? San Digeo, CA

    Ok, so another question, if you don't mind. Do many of the warblers, or even birds in general, lose their bright coloring in the fall/winter? I know that the Goldfinches change their color from summer to winter, but it seems that many of the birds I see year-round don't change. This was my first Spring to notice the variety of warblers in my area, so will the Fall have similar birds? Is the migration over or still in process? (I was gone for most of September from my area, so missed that completely.)
  8. Yellow Rumped Warbler? San Digeo, CA

    Is the one in your profile photo a female?
  9. Hawk ID help needed

    TBN, thank you for the edited version! I need these little tidbits of information! I only have a Peterson's and this website for my field guides. When it comes to immatures, I have so much to learn! I learn so much every day here! Those of you who have the experience of years of knowledge have much to offer to someone like myself who is taking an interest so recently. Two or three years ago, I was just getting used to the variety of birds coming to my feeders. Now I'm seeing the birds that don't come to the feeders, too. Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge with me and others!
  10. Hawk ID help needed

    I saw a hawk this morning in my backyard from my window. He was pretty big, I'm guessing about 20". He was about 35 feet away when I first saw him. By the time I got my camera turned on and focused, he flew away, but then caught his prey quickly and brought it to a tree further away, which my husband estimated to be between 125-150 feet away. When he flew, I only noticed shades of brown and white, not really any red. So these are not great shots, but hopefully enough for an ID. In the first, this is a fairly straight on view of the face. http:// In the second photo, he was bent over eating his prey, and I thought there might be hints of the coloring on the back of his head and maybe shoulders. http:// I added a third photo in case there are any other clues that might assist in making an ID. http://
  11. Yellow Rumped Warbler? San Digeo, CA

    I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just hoping to learn. What do you see that I somehow am missing? Where's the yellow? Is this a female? I am so confused. Please help!
  12. Is this a Northern Flicker?

    I concur! I only have experience with the yellow shafted variety, but the differences are very minimal.
  13. Good Camera For Beginning Birder?

    Thank you very much for all those tips! When I was first investigating a new camera after my point and shoot, the salesman at the camera store suggested a monopod too. Between the new camera and the monopod, I couldn't get good shots, so I returned them and hunted around for a different camera, which I eventually got last Christmas. At that point, I bought a fairly inexpensive tripod, and the results have been much better. Now that I've grown more used to the weight of the camera, I'm interested in the monopod idea again, especially since you've mentioned it. How do you use it? Perhaps I should google that and see if someone has made a video demonstrating it. Since you've brought up the spot focus, I will have to look into that as well. There are lots of features on this camera that I haven't explored yet, and that is probably one of them. I mostly use the intelligent focus feature, but it does often focus on the leaves and twigs around instead of the bird that I'm looking at. Very frustrating when birds are usually only around for a few seconds, especially the smaller ones! I like your idea of the bird bath dish that you empty out every day and fill every day. I appreciate your suggestions and welcome others if you think of anything more! Thanks so much for your help!
  14. Purple finch?

    Thank you both! Hopefully this means the male is around, too. Not that they're breeding at this time of year, but I like to see birds paired up.
  15. Purple finch?

    Is this what a female Purple Finch looks like? Or is it a female House Finch? It seems that the coloring is a dark brown vs a light brown, particularly on the cheeks and jaw. Photo taken in my backyard, in Danville, IN just a half hour ago. Thank you. http://