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  1. Black with little white

    Special thanks to psweet for explaining what the bird did. When it first came I thought of the mockingbird, but no, the colour was so much darker. But the explanation is helpful, that is exactly what the bird did.
  2. I have several shots, all with the note that it is a tufted titmouse. But I am not really sure if all the birds are the same. Found in Florida.
  3. This bird was all alone in my Florida lawn, always moving, difficult to get a shot. Have no idea what it is.
  4. Palm Warbler?

    Thank you for your answers. Of course, I checked wikipedia immediately and was surprised to see such a colourful bird, what is not my bird. So it seems that the female is much less painted. So why did I have just the boring female, I would love to see the male. But he was not there. Peep, peep, please come.
  5. Palm Warbler?

    Is this a Palm Warbler?
  6. Is this guy in Florida the Green Heron?
  7. Killdeer

    And one time more I admire the nature, how wonderful and in so many varieties they create the birds. Thank you for your confirmation.
  8. Killdeer

    After studying my book I think this is a killdeer. Can you confirm?
  9. Little black bird with white

    Yes, it is Florida and 3 days ago. Thank you
  10. I give up! I really tried to identify this bird alone, but no chance. I am sure you can help me within minutes. Found at Lake Woodruff preserve, Florida
  11. No palm warbler

    It looks a bit similar, but it is not. Or?
  12. American Robin

    Thank you
  13. American Robin

    Just to make sure, is this all the american robin?
  14. Palm warbler

    The photo is not so good, but can this be a palm warbler? In Florida.