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  1. Juvy little blue heron
  2. juvy yellow crowned night heron
  3. Report Your Rare Sightings Here!

    Juvy White Ibis,forsythe refuge,Brigantine,nj
  4. Great Egret being mugged by its chicks...LOL..
  5. Lens Reccomendation

    There is a photography thread and forum,but here's a quick answer for you, are you looking for Id or quality? If your looking for print capable pics,then the 200-500 would be your best bet,if you check my Flickr page,the link is in my sig,then you can see what the 200-500 can do coupled with the d500,almost all of my pics in th elast year have been with that combo. I carry it by the bracket and really have no problem with doin it all day if need be,I also shoot free hand and while it might take you a bit to get used to it,after a few weeks with it I am sure you will get the hang of it,there are other options out there also,the sigma 150-600 and tamron 150-600 are both good lenses,I had the tamron,but the 200-500 kicks it's butt even losing the 100 mm. Quality on the sigma varies a lot from people I know who have it,some swear by it,others swear at it..lol..
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