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  1. only thing I can think of,taken today in south jersey
  2. got so many cool pics today but I gotta go with the Orange crowned Warbler
  3. Confirm Orange Crowned Warbler

    thank you all,one of the warblers I have always wanted a decent pic of,I always seemed to screw them up till today!
  4. Taken today in south jersey
  5. sharpie or coopers

    works for me,he seemed a little small for a coop but he was real close,less then ten feet... Thank you both
  6. sharpie or coopers

    Im thinking Sharpie,but I dont know much...LOL
  7. Duck in NJ

    Agreed,The lessers are all over the refuge right now, immature Male for sure
  8. Female Common Eider
  9. Confirm Juvy Common Gallinule

    beak looked wrong to me for coot,but thats why I put it up..LOL..I aint no ace birder