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  1. White Throated Sparrow (Tan striped variation)
  2. still way behind..
  3. Tennessee Warbler?

    Both male and female have a small white spot on their wings that looks like a handkerchief,it's there in the photo but if you don't know what and where to look it can be hard, here is a pic I took in the spring of a female,you can see the white Mark on her wings a bit better
  4. Caspian or Common?

    Thank you!!
  5. Caspian or Common?

    SSia,Taken last week in southern Nj
  6. Philadelphia Vireo,again thanks to those who helped with ID
  7. warbling Phillly or red eyed vireo?

    Thank you both for your expertise and the comment on the pic!
  8. Taken last friday in south jersey,the yellow leans me toward a philly but you guys are the experts...