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  1. Hopefully I havnt posted this one yet...LOL..
  2. way behind,once again
  3. Please help me identify this seabird

    First year Bonaparte?..... just a guess,I suck at I'ds...lol..
  4. #ABArare

    white pelican at forsythe refuge in jersey this morning, only saw it for a bit,dont know if others saw it but heres the pic to prove it...
  5. Dont see many white pelicans in jersey at all,and especially in November
  6. Seaside Sparrow?

    Seasides are very dull,heres a pic of one I took last year, Based on the photo you took,I would say its not a seaside but I cant id for you,I am not that versed on passerines
  7. not often you see a clapper rail flying
  8. still way behind...