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  1. taken today in south jersey,
  2. confirm Marbled Godwit

  3. warbler id

    Thank you all
  4. warbler id

    taken yesterday in south jersey,yellow rumped?redstart?
  5. Black Throated Green Warbler
  6. see how I am progressing..LOL.. Again thanks for your expertise and patience Pine or baybreasted? I do see some buffy on the sides 1 2 Prairie 3 another pine? 4 common yellowthroat 5 Female Redstart 6 Male Pine warbler
  7. Fall warblers confirm,id

    Im getting better,slowly...Thanks,I guess I have to study up on the magnolias a bit more,I have to say,the one I had the most confidence in was 6,the "pine" warbler,damn wing bars throw me all the time...
  8. Taken today in south jersey,fall warblers drive me crazy..
  9. Bunch of Warblers

    Thank you all!
  10. Bunch of Warblers

    Again,taken yesterday in south jersey,fall warblers just confuse the heck out of me,but so do spring ones also..LOL.. Thanks for all the help,you guys are the best 1 2 3 4 5 6
  11. Which Thrush am I?

    Thank you!!