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  1. just a skull

    Okay, thank you. I'll start paying more attention now when I see skulls and bones, since I come across them frequently, especially when bugging, since I tend to crawl under brush or on paths less travelled.
  2. grebe

    Okay, I assumed it was "immature" rather than "juvenile," but my fingers didn't type what my brain was thinking. It was in October at a pond northwest of Corpus Christi. I'm not sure if that's late-fall enough to make it a SY ? Thank you, all, for confirmation!
  3. just a skull

    Thank you. No, I don't generally photograph dead things, but since this once was very very dead, I snapped a single shot. It was near a pond northwest of Corpus Christi, where large numbers of ducks and assorted shore birds along with migrating birds hang out. I've seen raccoons and bunny rabbits, and there are probably all the usual water-mammal-critters, as well. I happened to be at the same site this morning and saw a long, slim bone, about 14 inches long. I didn't bother to photograph it. In another spot, there were the remains of some duck or shore bird. Apparently, a lot of folks get eaten there.
  4. grebe

    confirm juvenile Least Grebe?
  5. bird

    Yes, all my photos are local.
  6. bird

    Okay, that makes more sense - thank you!
  7. just a skull

    Can you tell whose skull this is? Duck? small mammal ?
  8. bird

    Is this a female Common Yellowthroat?
  9. two sparrows

    Thanks! I might actually learn them one day.
  10. two sparrows

    1. Savannah? and 2. Song?
  11. sparrow

    Thanks - that's what I thought for the sparrows. I only see sparrows in winter and usually in very bad lighting. Any tips for distinguishing Song from Lincoln's when I can't see the latter's buff tones?
  12. sparrow

    Which sparrow? 1. savannah? 2. song? And is this Cooper's?
  13. Help with Wasp

    Eumeninae species? (Wait for an actual bug person.) Nice pictures!
  14. Toothpick grasshopper? South Louisiana

    Looks like a Leptysma marginicollis that I've photographed here in Texas.
  15. hawk fly-over

    Oops, thanks!