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  1. fly-over ducks

    Thanks. Bad shot on a foggy day, but I can see a bit of a pattern on the wings and underside. I don't know if flock shape helps.
  2. sparrows

    Thank you! Makes sense!
  3. fly-over ducks

    I doubt these are identifiable, but ...
  4. sparrow

    Is this Lincoln's ?
  5. sparrows

    #3: I was wondering if it could have been FY Harris's, but I have no idea. Wren: The other wrens we *heard* would have been Winter and House and Carolina - I guessed by process of elimination.
  6. sparrows

    ... double post - sorry
  7. sparrows

    Thank you!
  8. sparrows

    Who are these, please? 1. maybe Field? 2. Song ?? 3. Harris? 4. Vesper? 5. Vesper? 6. Lincoln's? 7. Also, is this Bewick's ?? 8. confirm Yellow-bellied Sapsucker?
  9. grasshopper Austin, TX, Oedipodinae subfamily

    Thank you. I have learned that entomologists are able to see things that I don't see, and, further, know what to look for. I appreciate all your tips!
  10. grasshopper Austin, TX, Oedipodinae subfamily

    Thank you, CC !! Yes, when I looked at the Trimerotropis that you suggested, it looked like a match to me. I clearly cannot see differences in grasshoppers, another indication of how much I suck at bugging (but, nevertheless, am intrigued by it). If I look at this picture of just the pronotum shape of T. maritima: https://bugguide.net/node/view/25695 , I definitely cannot see a difference. Here's the T. kiowa, which I guess also looks like the one I photographed: https://bugguide.net/node/view/674004
  11. hummer

    Okay, thank you! Then it must be Ruby-throated!
  12. grasshopper Austin, TX, Oedipodinae subfamily

    Oh, thanks! I messed that up! Just got an email from someone who says: "No, it’s not a Trimerotropis. If you look at the side of the pronotum, you’ll see that it’s shaped quite differently. What it looks like to me is Trachyrhachys kiowa or aspera. Both have yellow hind wings, but T. Mexicana has the outer third to half of the wings mostly black, and T. kiowa has a black band crossing the middle of the wing or no black at all. Psinidia is also similar, but the wings are almost always bright orange, and the antennae are very thick." Most of that goes way over my head, but I'm guessing it's the T. kiowa based on range?
  13. hummer

    Just wanted to make sure it wasn't Rufous - would that be a possibility?
  14. grasshopper Austin, TX, Oedipodinae subfamily

    Oh, thank you, both !! That gives me a place to start. I'm wondering if it might be T. schaefferi based on shape and legs.
  15. hummer

    Who is this? migrated through my backyard, Austin, Sep. 6: