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  1. Recent bug sightings

    New species of grasshopper for me, Campylacantha olivacea (Fuzzy Olive-Green Grasshopper), subspecies Campylacantha olivacea olivacea, Melanoplinae subfamily (Spur-throated Grasshoppers) and new genus for me: female Paraidemona genus Spur-throated Grasshopper (Melanoplinae subfamily) new beetle species for me: Acmaeodera scalaris, Buprestidae family (Metallic Wood-boring Beetles). I had gotten A. neglecta a lot, but not this species. Only got one shot before he flew. new larva for me, some kind of Syrphid fly, Syrphinae subfamily: new Ichneumonid for me: female Anomalon genus wasp, Ichneumonidae family wasp
  2. fly

    This guy is itsy bitsy. I had it in my brain (most likely wrong) that the vertical stripes on the thorax were a Sarcophagidae trademark, but this guy was teeny tiny. Any idea what he is?
  3. bug

    Can you make out what this distorted wet bug is? Face to me looks Reduviidaeish, but the body doesn't ? He's one of the backyard bugs I tried to rescue from the birdbath while Hurricane Harvey beating up on central Texas.
  4. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    Wow, very cool !! I couldn't even figure out the order !! (actually, not unusual for me) Have you seen this one, psweet? Bugguide has a rather strange range of representation: http://bugguide.net/node/view/80981/data Very cool bug.
  5. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    Interesting critter - I can't make it out at all. Was it a moth?
  6. bad-photo hawk-blurs

    Okay, I was guessing Coopers or such.
  7. hawk, missed one

    Thank you!
  8. hawk, missed one

    I missed a hawk in my hawk-blurs, this one:
  9. bad-photo hawk-blurs

    Thank you !! I didn't recognize the shape.
  10. more swallows

    Thank you SO much for your help! Bank is a new species for me !!
  11. bad-photo hawk-blurs

    Can you make out any of these? too far away for my camera 1. swainson's? 2. osprey, right? 3.
  12. more swallows

    1. Cave and ? 2. 3. young Tree?
  13. warbler

    Thank you again for your help !!
  14. froglet

    Oh! Thank you!
  15. warbler

    confirm Yellow Warbler?