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  1. Ladybug? South Louisiana

    Ah, thank you, psweet, for teaching us !! This is good to know.
  2. Ladybug? South Louisiana

    I've heard that the shape of the dots matter, but I think it can be very difficult. I know you need to get good dorsal shots, but these guys are so tiny, as you know, that it's tough. Other than that, I try to get as many angles as I can with bugs who will behave themselves. (I don't like to disturb wildlife, so if they don't want their picture taken, I don't get the shot.) I think knowing the plant/habitat also helps in some cases. Please let us know what ID you get for yours. I'm still voting on C. cacti, but, of course, I'm clueless.
  3. Ladybug? South Louisiana

    Hi, Dred! Just seeing this now. The little native species ladybugs I've photographed so far in Austin that are black with two red dots are these: 1. Chilocorus cacti (Cactus Lady Beetle), Coccinellidae family (Lady Beetles) 2. Brachiacantha subfasciata, Coccinellidae family (Lady Beetles) 3. Chilocorus stigma (Twice-stabbed Lady Beetle), Coccinellidae (Lady Beetles) » Chilocorinae 4. and this one that varies quite a bit: Olla v-nigrum (Ashy Gray Lady Beetle), Coccinellidae (Lady Beetles) » Coccinellinae I wonder if yours might be Chilocorus cacti ?? Please let us know if you get a positive ID. As you know, I am not a bug person, just playing around here.
  4. blur-bird

    Thank you - that's what I thought. It was October 18 in Whitney, Texas, a bit north of Austin, closer to Dallas/Fort Worth.
  5. blur-bird

    Can you tell who this is?
  6. bird confirm

    Thank you all !!
  7. bird confirm

    These are Northern Flickers?
  8. bird

    Thank you
  9. bird

    Oh, thank you! Didn't register in my brain at all! Also, confirm Red-tailed Hawks?
  10. bird

    Who is this?
  11. damsel

    Thanks! Yes, I finally figured out that they are Smoky Rubyspots and a female Dusky Dancer. Thanks for answering!
  12. wood stork

    confirm Wood Stork?
  13. damsel

    1. Is this a Smoky Rubyspot or Ebony Jewelwing? and this one: 2. Also, is this a Dusky Dancer?
  14. goose

    Is the fellow on the left a Ross's?
  15. goose

    Okay, I was wondering if there would be Ross's mixed in there. Thank you !! (location was Atascosa county, Texas, southeast of San Antonio; northwest of Corpus Christi)