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  1. Hi all. I was down at a small harbor in the Niagara region of Lake Ontario. It was buzzing the water and rock outcrop hanging around Barn Swallows which looked alot smaller compared to this bird if that helps. I also seen a Northern-rough Winged Swallow there. Thank you for your time and help.
  2. The one on the right yes, but what's up with the one on the left? Farmers field tree southern Ontario. Thanks all
  3. Coopers or Sharp-shinned Hawk in Ontario fields. Square tail/rounded tail. Head before or after wings. These two are so hard to differentiate. Should I watch the flight pattern for a more precise ID? Thanks all.
  4. Seen the other day. Not the greatest shots but love the shape they create. Is it a Merlin? Possible Peregrine? Stoney Creek, Ontario open fields near a working quarry. Both have been reported in the area. Thank you.
  5. Cackling Goose?

    Could this be a Cackling Goose or is it just the way it's sitting? Stoney Creek, Ontario floodfield. There have been ones reported in the same area in the last 3 weeks. Thank you for your input.
  6. Nah, that's all I got. Didn't notice the bird till I got home and looked at picture blown up on PC. Looked at other reports in my area and no Franklin's reported in the area for a few months.
  7. Hamilton harbor of Lake Ontario Feb,24th, 2017. Is it a second winter Ring-billed Gull? Weird facial pattern? . The one beside the Canada Goose. Thanks all