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  1. Sorry for crummy photos. It was shot at the Hamilton, Ontario harbor of Lake Ontario. I seen five raptors that day and this one I can't figure out. Thanks all.
  2. Closest I've had one of these in my yard so it looked large. Hamilton, Ontario. Didn't hear any noises and just learned about the tail pattern difference in Ravens. Thanks all.
  3. Hamilton Ontario. First sparrow I believe is a Song Sparrow? Second picture and third is a Sparrow type? Thanks all.picture and third is a Sparrow type? Thanks all.
  4. Gadwall Male & Female?
  5. I thought I was getting good with waterfowl ID until this. In Hamilton, Ontario on a bay of Lake Ontario. Upper is a female Mallard/black duck hybrid? and the lower is a dodo bird??? Thanks all.
  6. Woohoo!! Hahaha yup I am. I keep seeing reports of Sharp-shinned all around my area and it's driving me crazy. I just knew I had to of came across one. Thanks all.
  7. Well I dug in my archive albums and found these 2. Sharp-shinned?
  8. Really?!? Ugh. This thing was like the size of a pigeon. There was an "active" breeding pair of Coopers on the trail today too which seemed huge compared to this guy.. I thought for sure by the size but it does show characteristics of a Coopers. Running out of ways to tell the differences. Always seems to be Coopers lol. Thanks for your input and great day out birding regardless.
  9. 3rd year of looking at birds and I've seen a dozen Coopers (I think). Please say this is a Sharpy. I tried following online resources for ID but back and forth for this amateur. I seen someone post about being bug-eyed on here and that sold it haha. This was by far the smallest of the hawks I've seen minus a few American Kestrel. I also came across a pair of much larger Coopers hawks than this little male? today on another section of trail today. Hamilton, Ontario. Thanks all.
  10. Found a few of these in Burlington, Ontario. Watershed attached to Lake Ontario. There's also Pied-billed Grebe there if that helps. Thanks all.
  11. Sorry only one photo so not sure if even ID' able with just this. City yard bird hanging around the bird feeders. A different pattern bird than my regular Coopers visitor. Still learning. Thanks all.
  12. Please say I have three types here? Ring-billed, Herring and ??? Thanks all.
  13. Crazy the size difference once you see them side by side. I'm assuming herring and ring billed? So hard to ID with different year class looks. Thanks all, still learning.
  14. Not sure if these are even identifiable with the slack photos? All were around the Dufferin islands of Niagara River. I'm guessing the standard Ring-billed/Herring gulls maybe #3 is ? Guessing I need better photos. Thanks all.