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  1. That's what I researched it too as well and just wanted to confirm with you more experienced birders. Thank you Thunderbird
  2. Seen on Lake Ontario in Hamilton, Ontario. Thanks all.
  3. Brave little guy hanging out all alone off large rocks jutting out off a beach in Hamilton of Lake Ontario. Thanks all.
  4. Hanging out with some Killdeer. Are these Least and not Pectoral? Thanks in advance. Sorry for photo quality only have a macro lens.
  5. In the woods with a creek today in Hamilton, Ontario where I've seen other Warblers. Closest thing I could find was Bay-breasted Warbler but it still doesn't look right. Help please.
  6. Seen in my Hamilton, Ontario backyard at about 2pm yesterday. Thanks all
  7. Warbler? Vireo? Flycatcher? or?

    Awesome, thank you
  8. Interesting day in my Hamilton, Ontario backyard today. 3 new birds for it in a 2 year tally. A red-bellied woodpecker, Northern Parula and this.... ??? It was fluttering quick from branch to branch in the evening hours. Thanks all.
  9. Interesting flyby on Lake Ontario harbor as I watched Terns, Gulls, and Cormorants inbetween. Is it a Utility Pigeon? Yum?
  10. Nashville? Mourning? Common Yellowthroat? So lost on this one. It was in Hamilton, Ontario forest near a stream with some Magnolia Warblers in the area and Yellow Warblers hanging right near with this one.
  11. I haven't seen an Eastern Wood Pee-wee yet in my life but I think I might be mixing them up with Least Fly-catchers. Is there an sight ID way to tell the two apart? This is a Flycatcher cause it has no crown? Thanks all. Forest in southern Ontario.
  12. Solved. Thank you everyone :)

    Caledonia Warblers are everywhere I go right now in and around Hamilton. Get out there 1horse2many Thanks all for the positive I.D.
  13. Vireo? Southern Ontario

    The only other picture I was able to get.....
  14. There was other Palm, Black/White and Yellow Warblers in the area. Could it be a Cape May or something else? Probably just have a really bad angled fuzzy picture of a Palm yes? Forested area along a large river in southern Ontario. Thanks all
  15. What is this thing? Closest thing I could find was a Philadelphia Vireo but they're rare here. Forest along a large river in southern Ontario. Thanks.