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  1. American Black Ducks?

    Hmm. On that second bird, the bill looks quite Mallard-like to me with the orange coloration and the black center. A pure ABDU shouldn't show that. Likely not an F1 hybrid, but I bet this guy has some Mallard genes. A lot of the Black Ducks we see likely aren't as pure as we think. There's quite an extensive amount of hybridization, and who knows how many true Black Ducks really exist.
  2. Sparrows in Kansas and Missouri

    Chipping should be ruled out by the face pattern alone- lacks a Chipping's black eyestripe and white supercilium. Still looks like a Field to me- pink bill, plain face pattern, sparsely streaked and long-tailed.
  3. Barrow's Goldeneye?

    I would say this is your Barrow's. Head shape with the steep forehead and the short, yellowish bill all look spot on to me.
  4. Scaup. What type?

    Agreed. 1 and 3 look like Greater, and 2 a Lesser to me. Also note the difference in the coloring on the flanks- 2 is much duskier while 1+3 are pure white. I'm pretty confident we're looking at two different birds here.
  5. Hairy Woodpecker?

    The new photo looks fine for Hairy to me.
  6. Giant Canada goose

    Although Canada Goose subspecies ID is fraught with challenges, I would say that the bird does look good for one of the large subspecies, comparing it to the others. eBird lumps the two ssp into one submission under B.c. moffitti/maxima.
  7. Looks like a Cave/Cliff Swallow to me.
  8. blackbird dilemma long island

    Double post
  9. blackbird dilemma long island

    Looks like a Red-winged to me. I think I'm seeing the wing patch.
  10. Sparrows in Kansas and Missouri

    3 is a juvenile Chipping. 2 looks like a young Red-winged Blackbird to me. Pass on 1, but I think you may be correct with Field.
  11. Odd duck

    This is a domestic Mallard.