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  1. akiley

    Yellow and gray bird in San Diego

    Could just be a random escapee. There was one that stuck around for quite a while at a local CT location the other year.
  2. akiley

    Black-headed Grosbeak - Female?

    Just from taking a look at Sibley, my guess is a SY male.
  3. akiley

    Maybe brown thrasher

    I'd say yes. Everything seems to fit with structure and what I can see of its plumage.
  4. akiley

    Little bird in CT

    No problem at all! You have an Eastern Phoebe. I'm in Southern CT as well, and they've certainly arrived here for the most part!
  5. akiley

    Cassin's or Western Kingbird?

    They're all Cassin's.
  6. akiley

    San Diego birds

    Good call. I definitely agree that COYE fits here.
  7. akiley

    Little bird in CT

    It regularly happens that one post shows up two (or more) separate times on the forums. We ended up with two of the exact same thread here. It's not a problem at all, we just comment "double post" on one of them to keep the ID discussion on only one thread.
  8. akiley

    Need help identifying this bird

    I agree with Summer.
  9. akiley


    Western ssp for me too here.
  10. akiley

    San Diego Birds II

    1) I believe so 2) Yes, but can't explain the yellowish wash on the face 3) Yes 4) L to R- Marbled Godwit, Semi Plover in the back, Western Willet 5)Yes 6) I'd say Lesser Goldfinch
  11. akiley

    Lesser Yellowlegs?

    I like Greater here, but not 100% sure.
  12. akiley

    Little bird in CT

    Double post
  13. akiley

    Little bird in CT

    Maybe it's because I'm on my phone, but I'm having trouble seeing the photos.
  14. akiley

    Cackling Geese, Anchorage AK

    Yes, these are Cacklers.