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  1. white wing grackle?

    Yes, it is the Florida subspecies westoni that has consistently brown eyes. However, both young Boat-tailed (of all subspecies) and Great-tailed show dark eyes.
  2. white wing grackle?

    Agreed 100%
  3. Gulls, Southeast Michigan

    1) Herring on right, GBBG on left 2) Yes, GBBG 3) Herring in back and I believe in the front too.
  4. Welcome to Whatbird! Location is always helpful, but this is a Brown-headed Cowbird.
  5. help with two ID's

    Pectoral is correct.

    Herring for me too.
  7. Rail sp.

    Looks fine for Clapper to me. Not sure what to think about the habitat.
  8. IDs for today

    Oh and in the back of the first photo there's a Pied-billed Grebe and another drake Gadwall.
  9. IDs for today

    Male Gadwall (probably the hen too) and male Downy.
  10. Blackbirds

    Tough to tell on my phone, but looks like most of them are Common Grackles.
  11. Wich Dowitcher?

    I'd lean towards LB.
  12. Black-bellied Plover. Note the short, thick bill
  13. Sharpie?

    I think Sharpie too.