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  1. akiley

    Bird from MA (sound only)

    Yes their songs can vary quite a bit!
  2. akiley

    Bird from MA (sound only)

    That's a Song Sparrow.
  3. Yes, look good for Purple Martin.
  4. akiley

    Gull or what

    Welcome to Whatbird! This is a young Herring Gull.
  5. akiley

    Bird from today

    That would be my guess as well.
  6. akiley

    Confirm Veery?

  7. akiley

    Young Tree Swallow??

  8. akiley

    Yellow Bellied

    Yellow-bellied is correct!
  9. akiley

    Mourning Warbler?

  10. akiley

    Gray wings, yellow body in New Mexico

    Orange-crowned Warbler
  11. I like Hermit for the thrush as well.
  12. akiley

    Flycatcher in VT

    Definitely an Empid. I don't really like the overall coloring for Least here, but I'm not sure.
  13. akiley

    Thrush ID

    Well the eyering should rule out Gray-cheeked.
  14. akiley

    what thrush?

    I agree with Swainson's.
  15. akiley

    Small Flycatcher in Ohio

    I like American Redstart here. Seems to fit in terms of proportions as well as plumage.