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  1. Gull ID

    Looks like an adult Ring-billed to me.
  2. Mystery bird at my feeder

    With that edited photo, I would now agree that color and shape/structure look good for a cowbird, even though the face pattern is still bothering me a bit. Sorry for jumping the gun on calling it a Dickcissel!
  3. Mystery bird at my feeder

    To my eye, the face pattern is a bit strong for a cowbird, but I guess I could see it as one.
  4. Mystery bird at my feeder

    I'd like another opinion to back mine up, but that's what it looks like to me. They are fairly regular wintering birds outside of their "normal range". There was one at a feeder in CT earlier this winter and one that spent the whole winter last year at a local state park.
  5. Mystery bird at my feeder

    Looks like a Dickcissel to me. Where are you located?
  6. Also, the falcon is a 1st year Peregrine. Note the dark "mustache", plus size + structure clues. Merlins are quite small- nearly kestrel-sized.
  7. The birds in 7 are Redheads. Note head shape and bill color/pattern.
  8. Black Mystery Birds

    I agree with BH Cowbirds.
  9. Help! ONT Birds

    1- looks like a Great Black-backed 2- I'd say Herring Rest are correct.
  10. Odd Herring Gull?

    This doesn't look like a Ring-billed to me. My best guess would be a dark-winged Iceland (where within the Iceland Gull complex I'm not sure). I agree that a lot of things on this bird look good for Iceland, except the primaries.
  11. confirm Iceland Gull

    This looks like the same Ring-billed from the OP's photos.
  12. confirm Iceland Gull

    These both look good for Kumlien's Iceland.
  13. confirm Iceland Gull

    I think there are three gulls involved here:
  14. A scaup quandry

    Head shape and bill thickness make me lean towards Greater on the female.
  15. A scaup quandry

    1,2, 4+5(which appear to be the same) are Lesser 3 I think looks good for Greater. Edit- The Bird Nuts beat me to it.
  16. Pine Warbler?

  17. confirm Iceland Gull

    @Tony Leukering I would like to hear your thoughts on the other bird in the photo with 2. To me, it looks like the RB. I agree with Tony that the original bird looks better for Ring-billed (based on structure, for me).
  18. confirm Iceland Gull

    This bird looks good for Kumlien's Iceland to me. I would guess that the bird on the right in the last photo is the same RB original posted by @ausnic44. I definitely agree with Tony Leukering now that he pointed that out about the original bird.
  19. Little Blue Heron White Morph?

    Congrats on the lifer! Great Blue Heron does have a white form, but there is debate as to whether it is a subspecies, or just a color morph. Also, Reddish Egrets have a dark and white morph.
  20. Confirming 2 Shore birds

    SY means second year, but @psweetcould explain the rest of that terminology much better than I can.
  21. Bolsa Chica Hummer

    I'm not sure of the distribution by date, but simply by the identification of these two species, it is not possible to rule out Rufous. I believe this is an adult male. Since it is green-backed, it is very likely an Allen's. However, 5-10 percent of Rufous adult males have green backs like Allen's. The only definitive way to get an ID on this would be to have photos of a spread tail. I believe a Rufous-backed adult male is safely called a Rufous, but it doesn't work the other way around. Adult females and immatures are basically identical, and only positively identified by banding or a spread tail photo.
  22. I think this one looks okay for Black-crested. This isn't the same bird as #3, is it? To me at least, #3 appears to have more of a gray ( but slightly darker) crest.
  23. Welcome! eBird does agree that Black-crested would be most likely, but personally, I'm not seeing a real dark black crest on your bird in #3, nor can I tell much about #4. Possibly a hybrid?
  24. This is more of a wild guess than anything else, but maybe an Osprey? Happy New Year!
  25. 2 Eiders - King and ?

    Yes, King and then Common. Happy New Year!