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  1. South TX: Dowitchers

    Long-billed for me, mostly based on shape/structure.
  2. Duck help

    I agree that most of these are scaup and look like Lesser, but I'm thinking female Ring-necked for the bird third from left.
  3. White seabird

  4. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    Works now! Yes, these are Black Guillemots!
  5. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    I get a 404 error when I click on that link (and I do have a Google account). So sorry this is happening! Is there possibly another way you could share the photo?
  6. possibly a sparrow?

    Welcome to Whatbird! These are House Finches.
  7. Another Greater Scaup?

    Definitely Greater. Don't rely on head shean color though. It is variable and there are exceptions.
  8. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    I can't see it on my phone or on my computer!
  9. A yellow Purple Finch?

    I agree with Purple Finch but I'm not so sure that it's a male transitioning into adult plumage. I would expect to see spots of red if that was the case. I think some other factor is probably at play here, maybe diet as Sean suggested.
  10. Little Brown/Grey Bird

    This bird is an immature.
  11. Little Brown/Grey Bird

    I'm pretty sure WC Sparrows don't have a breeding vs nonbreeding plumage. They just transition into adult plumage as they age.
  12. What Gull? LI NY

    Looks good for a young Herring.
  13. Bonaventure Island Quebec Seabird

    I am unable to view the photo
  14. Loon? LI NY

    Common Loon.
  15. Scalp help

    Lesser for me too.
  16. Greater or Lesser Scaup?

    Seeing that last photo, I'd bet on Lesser. Heads look pretty tall to me. However, I doubt you could get a 100% ID on these.
  17. Greater or Lesser Scaup?

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. Females of both species have white on the face.
  18. Thanks! 3 is definitely a Western and I think 2 is as well.
  19. Mottled, Mallard, Hybrid?

    The amount of white in the tail alone should rule out pure Mottled for either bird. Finding a good, pure Mottled Duck in Florida can be challenging. Here is a good article from Tony Leukering on this issue: https://ebird.org/news/201502mudu/ Use the link to the PDF
  20. June 2017 Denali Alaska

    I can see it now. How about a young Gray Jay?
  21. June 2017 Denali Alaska

    Photo isn't showing for me.