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  1. akiley

    Sandpiper in northern NJ today

    Yes, Solitary
  2. I'm pretty confident that no software will ever be more accurate at identifying gulls than Amar Ayyash!
  3. I agree that recent software like this is not only fascinating and likely pretty useful, however, I don't think that technology can ever be a replacement for expertise and knowledge of bird identification.
  4. You're gonna need someone pretty experienced to see if it's even possible to make that ID from these photos. @psweet @Tony Leukering
  5. akiley

    Northern Fulmar

  6. akiley

    Help with ID please

    Yellow-rumped Warbler Edit- Sniped by The Bird Nuts!
  7. akiley

    2 birds I can't identify

    I agree with both IDs. Welcome to Whatbird!
  8. akiley

    Hawk in a nest

    I think Red-tailed.
  9. akiley

    Western Gull

    Last looks like another Western.
  10. akiley

    Western Gull

    1- Western- thick, black bill 2- California- long, thin bill, distinctly bicolored (no "smudging")
  11. Pair of adult Cardinals- juveniles have black bills. All thrushes are Swainson's.
  12. akiley

    Hawk in Ontario, Canada

    Looks like a Broad-winged.
  13. akiley

    What Thrush?

  14. akiley

    Alder Flycatcher?

    Looks better for Least to me with that real short primary projection.
  15. I think the Wood-Pewee is probably an Eastern based on a couple of subtle marks (bicolored bill and overall coloring mainly), but yes a more specific location would help.
  16. Agreed. Welcome to Whatbird!
  17. akiley

    which tern

    I'd say Elegant too.
  18. akiley


    Looks like a Townsend's Solitaire.
  19. akiley

    Ducks, Catskill Mountains

    Anytime you see a "weird" duck that doesn't look like anything in a fled guide, it's probably a domestic Mallard. They come in countless colors and plumages.
  20. akiley

    Ducks, Catskill Mountains

    No, although Mallard does have three subspecies (even though it's most likely only two). But that's not really relevant here. Domestic Mallard refers to birds that have been bred by humans and have often ended up in the wild, probably sometimes breeding with wild Mallards.
  21. akiley

    Grosbeak? Bunting? Sparrow?

    Definitely looks like a HOFI to me. Look at that bill- short, thick, curved culmen.