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  1. Version 10 and iCloud

    Thanks Bigfoot, that worked. For anyone else: you must log on to iCloud.com to upload the files. You cannot do this through your iPad or iPhone. You may also need to reboot your device and turn on/off iCloud in the ibird app. Either way I recovered my data.
  2. With version 9 I had used Dropbox to share notes between my iPad and iPhone. Version 10 does not support Dropbox. When I attempted to move to iCloud only 5% of my notes moved with me. How do I integrate my Dropbox files into Ultimate 10?
  3. I have some observations that were inadvertently added to my default list. I want to move these to my named lists but I do not see an edit, move or copy function. Is there a way to do this?
  4. Spotting tips

    I had been thinking about my wife when I posted that comment. Normally when we head out for a walk/hike and I take my binoculars she is usually thinking of a power walk to get the heart rate up. But recently she has been my spotter, locating birds that I did not notice. Also, over the past month she has returned home after her neighbourhood run to report that she has seen a couple of interesting birds. One was a pygmy owl which was gone once a got there. The other was a kestrel which was a lifer for me. Now if I can just get her to carry her phone when she is out for a run...
  5. I have a series of 1.25" eyepieces both fixed length and zooms that I would like to use with a spotting scope. Celestron has a spotting scope with a removable 1.25" eyepiece. Any other manufacturers with removable eyepieces? Thanks, Grant
  6. Merida, MX

    Great reports. My trip to the Yucatan last January is what triggered me to start birding. Specifically an orange oriole that sat in the tree above our breakfast table.
  7. Dont Forget Water

    I added a heater to the bird bath this year(see my avatar). Less work than trying to melt ice with hot water. Very entertaining to watch robins bathing in below freezing temps.
  8. Spotting tips

    Don't head out with someone who is not interested in birding.
  9. Interesting question. While folks are working on their life lifts, year lists, county lists are you also studying behaviour? Or is that a mutually exclusive activity (asked the newbie)?
  10. Bridge Camera Suggestions

    I have a Nikon D7000 gathering dust in my camera bag. How could I utilize this for my new birding hobby? My Nikorr 55-200mm lenses probably will not cut it. What about the new Nikorr 200-500 would be a great lense but at 5 lbs I am not sure that I want to lug that around just for documentation photos. I am not sure that I really want to make any prints. Then someone mentioned a " bridge" camera might be what I am looking for. My initial requirements are: - super zoom - RAW format - view finder The first camera that popped up is the Fuji Finepix S1. I am looking for other suggestions that I should review. Thanks, Grant.
  11. Lens Recommendation?

    Thanks for the tip on "bridge" cameras. Small package, with optical zoom and RAW format. That might be a very good fit for me. BTW: I probably should have posted this question to the photography forum, not photo sharing. Grant
  12. What kind of gear ?

    Thanks Tony. I took some time to look over the specs for th Coolpix 610. I had no idea that it's optical zoom was so significant.
  13. What kind of gear ?

    And what is your technique for getting close enough for the quality that you achieve? I would have expected that those images were captured with a SLR and 500mm lens.
  14. Lens Recommendation?

    The new Nikon 200-500mm is certainly in my price range.
  15. Lens Recommendation?

    Joejr14: What do you mean by bridge camera?