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  1. Thank you all for identifying the Greater Yellowlegs.
  2. I saw these two cute birds in Pittsburgh PA yesterday. Are they Lesser Yellowlegs? Thank you!
  3. I saw this bird in Pittsburgh, PA. Do you think it's an Eastern Phoebe? Thank you! Henggang
  4. Northern Flickr makes sense. Thank you all.
  5. I saw this bird in Seattle. Is it a Brown Creeper? Thank you!
  6. Thank you all
  7. Thanks! Henggang
  8. I saw this grebe in Seattle. Is it a Horned Grebe? Thank you! Henggang
  9. I saw this shorebird in Shanghai, China. Is it a Common Greenshank? Thanks! Henggang
  10. Any ideas on this one? Looks like one of the curlews. Thank you very much! Henggang
  11. I saw those sandpipers in Shanghai, China. Pic #2 and Pic #3 are the same bird. Could you please help identify them? Thank you very much! Henggang
  12. Thank you all Henggang
  13. I found these two ducks among many Eurasian Wigeons and Eurasian Coots. What are they? Thank you very much! Henggang