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  1. Cool. Which of the six photos has a Western Sandpiper?
  2. Here are some shorebirds that I saw in New Jersey coast. They are too tricky for me to confidently identify. Help is appreciated. Thank you! Henggang
  3. I saw those peeps in Cape May, NJ. Are they all Semipalmated Sandpipers? Thank you! Henggang
  4. I saw this bird in Cape May, NJ. yesterday. It looks like the juvenile bird of some species. Do you know what is it? Thank you! Henggang
  5. Thank you all for identifying the Greater Yellowlegs.
  6. I saw these two cute birds in Pittsburgh PA yesterday. Are they Lesser Yellowlegs? Thank you!
  7. I saw this bird in Pittsburgh, PA. Do you think it's an Eastern Phoebe? Thank you! Henggang
  8. Northern Flickr makes sense. Thank you all.
  9. I saw this bird in Seattle. Is it a Brown Creeper? Thank you!
  10. Thank you all
  11. Thanks! Henggang
  12. I saw this grebe in Seattle. Is it a Horned Grebe? Thank you! Henggang
  13. I saw this shorebird in Shanghai, China. Is it a Common Greenshank? Thanks! Henggang