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  1. noise/sound/call scary for warblers

    Some folks use Chickadee scolds mixed with a Screech Owl and that has been known to bring in some warblers (whenever there are Chickadees scolding at something, for some reason other birds come in to check it out). I presume the Screech Owl on it's own would scare warblers but you would be hard pressed to see them flush. That said, caution should still be used. With scold calls and such it is very much still a stressor for the birds, and while I think a better option than playing back songs/calls in Spring, the research is still out as to how disruptive it can be and I'd suggest being as least disruptive as possible.
  2. Lincoln's Sparrow?

    I'll fourth a Song Sparrow
  3. What little bird?

    House Wren
  4. TX warbler help!

    With the broken eye ring wouldn't it fit better with MacGillivray's Warbler more so than Mourning?
  5. Western Sandpipers?

    Agreed WESAs
  6. Warbler

    Cape May Warbler!
  7. #ABArare

    Fork-tailed Flycatcher (Code 3) in Falmouth, Maine! Fork-tailed Flycatcher!!! by Seth Davis, on Flickr
  8. Plover and Sandpiper in ME

    Excellent! And for the sandpiper, I'm thinking Baird's? It's primaries are longer than it's tail, and it's pretty brown and the White-rumpes (that were also there) at this time are pretty gray all over.
  9. Plover and Sandpiper in ME

    I think I've been fooled again by the plover, I wanted it to be Am. Golden Plover, but the more I look at it, I'm pretty sure it's a Black-bellied.
  10. Seen today in Biddeford Maine. For WB ID will be removed by Seth Davis, on Flickr For WB ID will be removed by Seth Davis, on Flickr
  11. ID help please

    Blackpoll Warbler I think. It looks like there's some pink feet there.
  12. Warblers

    I'd lean more toward a Pine Warbler on the second one though the tinge of yellow on the undertail coverts is throwing me off a bit.
  13. My first thought was Tennessee, but it has yellow undertail coverts. Palm maybe? I don't know why this one is so tricky. Orange-crowned Warbler by Seth Davis, on Flickr
  14. Northern Waterthrush?

    Sure, Northerns would have more streaking on the throats whereas it's rather plain here, and they a dirtier looking supercilium that doesn't extend as far to the nape like this bird's does.