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  1. Look at all that movement on the gulf coast!
  2. The first and the last birds are female/young Chaffinches. I'm not experienced enough with European warblers and I don't have my guide I have with me, but Cetti's Warbler seems to be a good guess.
  3. Actually SC, check out Lyonia Preserve in Deltona. We stopped there on our way out because I'd heard of how friendly the jays were there. It was, however, late afternoon, and we only had one jay who couldn't care less about us, but it's an easy walk and closer to Orlando. Merritt was indeed very dry, which was kinda sad. I know the wet season is about to start, so hopefully the drought will stop soon.
  4. Just a quick trip report- I got back from Florida late Saturday night, after a week of hanging out in Orlando. I visited many areas of the state, including Cedar Key, Merritt Island, Lake Apopka, and St. Cloud! I got 4 lifers- Gray Kingbird, Short-tailed Hawk, Fulvous Whistling-Duck and Groove-billed Ani. I also got most of my target yearbirds, like Florida Scrub-Jay, Limpkin, Snail Kite, Mottled Duck, White-winged Dove, Common Ground-Dove, Reddish Egret, Purple Gallinule, and Roseate Spoonbill. The only thing I wanted but missed was Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, but I'll get those later this year. Here are some lists, I'm going to add photos and videos later:
  5. Dude you should've said yes
  6. Also in Orlando, had a dark morph Short-tailed Hawk fly over my resort this morning! I had decided to double check and make sure it wasn't a vulture... Thank god I did! My only other lifer thus far has been Gray Kingbird at Cedar Key, an overdue lifer. Also had Snail Kites and Limpkins in St. Cloud!
  7. I start my NFCs around 10-11 pm, and normally stop around 12-1 am. I believe the best time is early morning, between 3-5am, but I never stay up that late.
  8. I guess the really old Audubon guide I have won't need updating then! (It lists Magnificent as Rivoli's Hummingbird.) I'd hope they keep it Magnificent Hummingbird, mainly because I dislike having birds named after people. (There's no description in that, plus it seems rather selfish... birds like Sabine's Gull, Ross's Gull, and McCown's Longspur deserve better names than that.) I'm definitely okay with Calaveras Warbler, like I said in the YB thread it sounds pretty awesome and reminds me of rarer species (like Colima Warbler). Rusty-capped could be better, but I'm not really sure what else I'd name it. Northern and Hen Harriers are considered separate species by other organizations, so I agree with this. Same with Northern and Great Gray Shrikes, no problem there. I'd like Brown or Boreal Creeper, and I've heard Mexican Creeper the most for the SW ssp.
  9. A good way to check if it'll be a good night is to keep an eye on this map: Check it around 9-10pm and if it lights up as green around you, that's probably a good night to try. I think it's too early in the season to reliably hear NFCs... I mean, you might get 1 or 2 calls but IMO that isn't worth staying up late for. lol my dinner is normally between 7:30-9:30... my parents come home late, though.
  10. Could you upload it to eBird? Seeing a spectogram would help immensely.
  11. I personally think Nearctic Creeper sounds pretty awesome, but I agree with Rusty-capped Warbler. While the rusty patch on the head is easier to see than, say, an Orange-crowned's, it isn't very obvious. Calaveras Warbler is pretty cool sounding though.
  12. Anyone who's met Michael wouldn't be surprised, that guy is probably one of the best earbirders I know of.
  13. Thanks for the tip on the FUWD- guess I'll have to take what I can get! Thanks for the other hotspot tips too, I'm not sure if I'll be able to check them out but I'll keep them in mind!
  14. That actually happens to be where I'm going for spring break too. I second Lake Apopka, there's Groove-billed Anis there right now and it appears as they may be nesting... Another spot I'd recommend would be Viera Wetlands, a place I personally haven't visited but I'm hoping to! What other parts of the state are you visiting?
  15. My phone, the LG V20, is supposedly really good for recording things (it has 3 microphones, I think- I didn't know this when I got it) and I've been really happy with the quality of my recordings. I don't edit my audio files other than trimming them. Here's some samples from the other day: