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  1. Shorebird ID needed

  2. Not sure about this bird ID

    thanks everyone
  3. Another sandpiper ID needed

    thanks, all
  4. Not sure about this bird ID

    Thanks - it figures; I travel 3,000 miles to get another House Sparrow!
  5. This bird was seen in CT a few days ago and was with others of same type. It looks like a sparrow of some type but I don't think it's a House Sparrow - sorry for the bad pictures - can anyone ID from these?
  6. This peep was in Cape Cod, MA a few days ago - can someone ID, please? Hopefully it's clear enough - it's the small one in the foreground but the gull in back is a good reference for size. Thanks.
  7. Need gull confirmation

    Here's another photo if it helps.
  8. Shorebird ID needed

    This was seen in Cape Cod, MA, this week, and it looks like a Black-Bellied Plover but not sure - thanks.
  9. Need gull confirmation

    It's hard to see from the photo but the color was definitely black vs gray and Herring gulls aren't that big, are they?
  10. Need gull confirmation

    Thanks, IvoryBill!! Another new life bird. I also got a Blue Jay which we don't have in CA, at least not that type.
  11. Just came back from a trip to Cape Cod and I believe this is a Greater Black-backed Gull based on the size, coloring, and location. Need confirmation, though - thanks!
  12. Alaska Gulls

    Thanks chicadee!
  13. Alaska Gulls

    Hi all - I took these photos last August in Alaska - Skagway and Ketchikan. Can anyone ID them? I'm just now getting around to posting them from my Alaska cruise last year!
  14. Need confirmation of Pigeon Guillemot

    Funny - a couple of the guides were way off - one thought it was a Surf Scoter; the other thought it was an Arctic Tern - way off!!
  15. Need confirmation of Pigeon Guillemot

    Thanks Jim! Haven't done much birding this past year as I had a wedding and honeymoon to plan; now that all those are done, I will start birding again!