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  1. fly-over ducks

    @HamRHead sounds like Wood Ducks! I call them "screamers". Edit: sorry dvoribird, I'm not sure what those guys are!
  2. Red-throated Loon? Pacific? Common?

    I saw a Red-throated Loon in Grimsby yesterday, wonder if it was the same bird!
  3. Loggerhead shrike or a Northern Shrike?

    I agree with Northern Shrike. Mask is quite narrow.
  4. Goose and Hawk

  5. Dunlin, Right?

    These are Dunlin, correct? Are two of them white-rumped? Hamilton, ON. Thanks! DJ DSC_0017 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr
  6. Waterbirds (Gull & Loon)

    Thank you Doug, I will remember that for when I do finally see those gulls!
  7. Waterbirds (Gull & Loon)

    Thank you! Both are lifers and the gull is quite a treat!
  8. Waterbirds (Gull & Loon)

    Taken just an hour ago in Niagara region, ON. Iceland Gull? DSC_0052 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Which Loon? (Same bird, different angles. Very far out and very suspicious of me!) DSC_0031 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr DSC_0029 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr DSC_0023 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Thanks for any input!
  9. Rescued So Cal Warbler need ID

    Old article, I know. Glad to see you did the right thing but this could have been prevented all together. Please keep your cat inside! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/cats-the-no-1-killer-of-birds-in-canada-1.3130437
  10. Sanderling Or Semipalmated?

    Where was this guy? Van Wagners?
  11. Help with Warbler ID

    Agree. These ones really like to fan their tails out when they moon you as well
  12. Warbler ID Plz

    I think this is likely a bay-breasted, and I don't know if it is ID'able but what do you all think? DSC_0008 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr
  13. Little Heron Green?

    Yep, Green Heron. They are indeed tiny!! I had almost forgotten how small they were when I saw a few last weekend being chased by a GBH. They weren't even as tall as his knees!
  14. Flycatcher

    Southern ON today: I think this was a Willow, but it didn't call. Something is making me doubt my ID though... DSC_0119 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr
  15. Confirm New Lifer

    Seen today, Southern ON. Olive-sided Flycatcher DSC_0133 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr