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  1. Gull type? 2nd winter ring-billed?

    Did you get any other pics? Looks interesting but could be dirty.
  2. Northern Shrike?

  3. Gull & Sparrow & Duck

    No, it wasn't a pure Shoveler, it was TINY. Teal sized for sure. I'll add a pic to show size comparison with Mallards. DSC_0028 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr
  4. Confirm ID please.

    Canvasback, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Song Sparrow & Brown Thrasher.
  5. Gull & Sparrow & Duck

    Would y'all say this is a GW Teal x Shoveler? It's the ugliest Teal I've ever seen if not! Also, there is not option for that hybrid on eBird. DSC_0034 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Is this just a G Black Backed? DSC_0006 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr What Sparrow? Sadly the only photo I got before he disappeared over a hill. (In the middle, not the Juncos). DSC_0043 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr
  6. Need Help to Identify this Species!

    I agree with Coop.
  7. Pacific Loon?

    Looks like a Common Loon to me with that chunky bill. Wait to see what experts say, though.
  8. Greenish North Florida Bird

    That's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
  9. Happy Little Bird with a longish neck?

    Not the same bird, the second one is a Hermit thrush with that red tail.
  10. Mystery Bird Call

    It sounds to me like one of the many calls of a Jay. We have Blue Jays here that could easily make that sound.
  11. Dark Duck

    Not a Black Duck. Though I'm not sure what sort of Mallard it is. Mutt domestic maybe.
  12. flying flock Texas 78070 1-27-2017

    They look like Cedar Waxwings to me, but hard to tell!
  13. Which duck?

    Thats a Hoodie for sure.
  14. Hawk help

    The first one is indeed a Harrier female but I'm not sure about the second.
  15. grey bird with eyestripe

    No, you didn't use it correctly, but good try