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  1. Thanks all. Here is the only other picture that I got. I know there was a mixture of greater and lesser at the location yesterday and some I could clearly ID, but I wanted to continuously challenge myself on IDs from different angles etc. DSCN3949 by albur_18, on Flickr
  2. I believe those primaries are too dark for Forster's, I'm also voting Common Tern.
  3. Thoughts on which scaup species? Taken in NW PA today. Thanks! DSCN3947 by albur_18, on Flickr
  4. Ok, thanks! That was my thought too but I wanted to hear it from someone else. I did get a shot of what I think is the same bird when it finally, briefly, raised its head and I think it still looks good for greater. I wanted reassurance first that the call could be made just from the sleeping birds. Here is the second shot. GreaterScaup3-10-17(2) by albur_18, on Flickr
  5. Seen in SW PA today. Would you feel comfortable making calls on these scaup even though they are tucked sleeping? Thanks for opinions! DSCN3619 by albur_18, on Flickr
  6. deleted (double post)
  7. There are a couple trumpeter swans making their way around PA that are banded that are believed to have escaped from a collection in Maryland or Virginia, however I don't know if they have been known to show up at Middle Creek. And besides, both pics look like tundra swans to me. But I have been wrong (a lot!), so I will defer to the consensus on here. Edit: The known pair of trumpeters in PA I referenced have neck collars, so these are definitely not them.
  8. Thanks all. And yes I forgot to mention there was a RNDU in there!
  9. SW PA today. Thanks! LesserScaup3-3-17(2) by albur_18, on Flickr LesserScaup3-3-17 by albur_18, on Flickr DSCN3260 by albur_18, on Flickr DSCN3258 by albur_18, on Flickr
  10. That head is very flat and sloping slightly toward the back. Also the sides are very white. I vote Greater Scaup.
  11. Thanks all, I thought so but hated to say for sure with the bad pic!
  12. Poor pic was just sent to me of some birds under a feeder in SW PA. Most are american goldfinch but what are the three birds directly to the right of the cardinal, are they song sparrows or possibly female purple finches? Thanks.
  13. In SW PA someone reported a cackling goose yesterday via the GBBC. I agree that the bird is quite small with a short neck, but the bill just seems way too big to be an actual cackling goose. I wanted to throw it on here for opinions. If not correct, people are gonna waste their time going for the bird and making even more false reports. The ebird report is here:
  14. Ok thanks for the clarification. I see now that the bill appears too fine for a pure COGO. Here is another shot of a COGO x HOME, however it still isnt quite right both with bill size and plumage, which has me thinking maybe a COGO x HOME backcrossed with a pure COGO?
  15. Interesting that the hybrid combo is well known, but as I suspected, it looks like the hybrid bird has an intermediate bill, longer and thinner than a pure common goldeneye. The bird in question in the checklist has a bill that by shape, seems to fit COGO. What is it particularly that is making everyone think this is a hybrid at all?