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  1. does this Least Sandpiper look odd?

    Thanks all for your input. At least I'm not losing my mind in that it is an oddly light Least.
  2. does this Least Sandpiper look odd?

    I didn't edit the pictures at all. I guess it could be a trick of the lighting, but it still seems odd. However the wings and back seem colored normally so it doesn't have a pigment deficiency.
  3. Seen in SW PA today. Everything seems to fit fine for Least Sandpiper, including size vs Solitary Sandpipers, yellow legs, short wings, and fine, slightly down curved bill, except that I don't think I've ever seen a Least Sandpiper with such a light chest and face as this one. It actually seems almost completely white on the breast, even more so than many Semipalmated Sandpipers that I've seen. Am I seeing things here? DSCN7116 by albur_18, on Flickr DSCN7110 by albur_18, on Flickr
  4. Confirm from SW PA this morning. Thanks! 1. ratty looking Indigo Bunting? DSCN7098 by albur_18, on Flickr 2. tough look, but had as a Nashville Warbler in the field as strong yellow was on undersides and up into throat DSCN7090 by albur_18, on Flickr 3. female Scarlet Tanager DSCN7087 by albur_18, on Flickr 4. Bay-breasted Warbler (some reddish tint on the flanks I believe) DSCN7083 by albur_18, on Flickr 5. unsure of Blackpoll vs. Bay-breasted on this one, I can't see any reddish on the flanks but the feet appear dark so I'm still leaning Bay-breasted DSCN7081 by albur_18, on Flickr 6. Red-eyed Vireo DSCN7078 by albur_18, on Flickr 7. Chestnut-sided Warbler DSCN7080 by albur_18, on Flickr
  5. Northern PA today. Thanks! DSCN7073 by albur_18, on Flickr
  6. Northern PA today. Thanks! DSCN7047 by albur_18, on Flickr
  7. confusing bird

    That was my thought too and the habitat was appropriate, bill and structure fits, but what is the deal with that facial pattern?
  8. Did I find a Lincoln's Sparrow?

    Yes Lincoln's Sparrow (broad gray supercilium, fine crisp streaking, buffy breast color).
  9. Swainson's Thrush. Buffy spectacles and buffy throat.
  10. confusing bird

    Seen in northern PA today. Admittedly, I'm a little thrown by the facial pattern and orangish wash to the face and flanks. I have one thought but can't explain the facial pattern. Any ideas? DSCN7052 by albur_18, on Flickr DSCN7055 by albur_18, on Flickr
  11. warbler help

    Thanks! My impression was Bay-breasted as well, as all the marks pointed to such, just absent any buff or rufous on the flanks on this bird.
  12. warbler help

    This bird was preening itself after taking bath in a small stream in SW PA. I wanted opinions. Thanks! DSCN6999 by albur_18, on Flickr DSCN6989 by albur_18, on Flickr DSCN7013 by albur_18, on Flickr
  13. SW PA today. Thanks! DSCN6957 2 by albur_18, on Flickr
  14. one warbler

    Thanks, that was my thought too but wanted to see what others thought. What is your confidence level and what ID points are you using?
  15. Tern help needed- Salton Sea

    Not familiar with terns out west, but that bill seems too thick for Forster's, so I'd say Gull-billed.