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  1. Unidentified backyard birds

    I agree!
  2. San Diego area bird. Help with ID?

    I agree with Common Yellowthroat.
  3. Toronto Warbler

    I agree
  4. Seed eater?

    This is actually a Black-throated Sparrow!
  5. poss warbling vireo in NW Mexico

    It's not a Cassin's and looks a bit off for Bell's but I would still say Bell's looks the best
  6. coupla bad-image birds

    Yes, more Pine Siskins
  7. Grebe? Merganser?

    Hooded Mergansers I believe
  8. grebe confirmation and mystery duck request

    Duck kind of looks like a Gadwall to me.
  9. Yellow-rumped Warbler?

    I believe it is.
  10. Plain looking duck

    I agree.
  11. Small Shorebird

  12. winter gull?

    I agree.
  13. Michigan Ducks

    1. I think so 2. Can't help with this one 3. Yes, Lesser