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  1. You are correct!
  2. Cool! I think it is spelled Kaempfer. I'm glad you got to meet him! I still need a Golden-winged Warbler.
  3. I agree with Gray Flycatcher
  4. Yep! Totally a Say's Phoebe
  5. Agreed!
  6. Gray Kingbird
  7. This kind of looks like a female House Sparrow.
  8. Agreed! Is this the same bird? The first looks like an Eastern Wood-Pewee and the second looks like a Great Crested.
  9. bump
  10. I believe these are in order. 1. Hammond's 2. Dusky 3. Gray 4. Gray
  11. 2 is a Tennessee Warbler and I believe you are correct for 1.
  12. Agreed!
  13. Confirmed!