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  1. For Northwestern Crow, once you get past Whidbey Island and to the west of it they get common. For Long-tailed Duck try Discovery Park, it looks like they are fairly common there.
  2. Sounds like an awesome road trip. Do you have any targets in mind?
  3. I agree with Bird Nuts.
  4. This looks like a young Eastern Phoebe
  5. Oh okay. They must have deleted it.
  6. Agreed!
  7. The head looks a little off but why not Pine Siskin?
  8. 1. Brewer's Sparrow 2. Sage Thrasher 3. Rock Wren
  9. Odd location
  10. Congrats on the lifer!
  11. Thanks. Sorry you missed it.
  12. I found it! It flew away within five minutes of my arrival.
  13. The yellow chest may be an artifact of lighting. This is a Great-blue Heron.