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  1. This is a domestic Mallard.
  2. My plane landed in Baltimore. Looking forward to some lifers tomorrow!
  3. Neat! Good Luck.
  4. Agreed!
  5. Agreed!
  6. They remind me of American Coots.
  7. I agree with Northern Goshawk!
  8. Agreed with S.C's ID;s.
  9. Agreed!
  10. All of your ID's are correct.
  11. I am really looking forward to it. By the way tomorrow is Wednesday unless you meant next Wednesday.
  12. 1. Confirmed 2. Confirmed 3. Female Hooded Merganser 4. Male Common Goldeneye Edit: I agree with the above
  13. Agreed, Brant.
  14. I don't see a photo.
  15. The Owl is one of the fake plastic ones...