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  1. Hanging Out

  2. Central Texas bird ID zip 78070 on 10-17-2017

    House Sparrow Edit: Sniped
  3. Ducks with big flat bills in N. California marsh

    Northern Shovelers Edit: Sniped
  4. White crowned sparrow?

    I agree
  5. Gull for i.d. Santa Barbara

  6. Fox sparrow?

  7. Warbler ID Help Please

    My best guess is Bay-breasted
  8. RTH and a Tanager?

    I agree.
  9. Bachman's Sparrow?

    You are correct!
  10. Kingbird - Need Help quickly

    This is not my own checklist. Isn't the bird labeled under Western Kingbird a Tropical/Couches? If so a second state record. http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S39519139
  11. sapsucker?

    I agree.
  12. gold-crowned kinglet?

    Yes it is
  13. palm warbler?

    In cocnur
  14. Merlin? Toronto

    I agree.