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  1. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Yeah, I'm not sure about it. It was really close between a lot of people I thought. No, I've never actually met him in person, just thought it was neat that he lived so close. Maybe I'll meet him someday though
  2. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I have a cabin up in the mountains 10 or 15 minutes from Red Gerard's house. Probably gonna be fireworks or something when he gets back.
  3. Looking in my window

    Red-tailed Hawk!
  4. Backyard Bird Identification Help

    This appears to be a Dark-eyed Junco.
  5. Three Gadwall

  6. Sandpiper

    I agree.
  7. Song Sparrow?

    This is a Song Sparrow
  8. Orange-crowned Warbler?

    You are correct.
  9. Hawk

    Red-shouldered Hawk.
  10. Snowy Owl!! Very rare down in Colorado.
  11. Colorado - Pawnee Grasslands birds (from June)

    I agree with Colorado Owl's Id's.
  12. Pipet?

  13. Unidentified backyard birds

    I agree!
  14. San Diego area bird. Help with ID?

    I agree with Common Yellowthroat.
  15. Toronto Warbler

    I agree