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  1. agreed...i think it would also be unusual to find a saw-whet that exposed during the day
  2. Barrow's Goldeneye?

    This looks like a barrows to me as well... the bill length of a barrows is a bit longer than the distance from bill to eye while in a common it is noticeably longer. head shape also supports barrow's...nice find/refind
  3. immature Red Tail?

    agreed...in the last shot u can even see the red tail
  4. Juvenile Cormorant?

    not sure on the age of the second but both are Double-crested Cormorants (the first is a year bird with that pale breast, i believe)
  5. yes it's a horned.not sure of the age though...winter birds all look like this
  6. Brewer's Blackbird?

    agreed...i dont see any rustyness (is that even a word?) on this bird but pic not the best
  7. Ross's Geese Questioning

    size wise this looks like a snow as well....the goose is size between the canada and cackling (a Ross's should be same size to smaller than the cackling not larger)