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  1. help Id these two birds

    yes you've got a raven and golden eagle
  2. Northern or Louisiana?

    think you're right...streaking looks better for northern too
  3. Tough Warbler ID

    looks good for a palm
  4. Tennessee Warblers?

    yes both tennessee warbler...they were in tennesse after all
  5. What Bird

    eastern phoebe
  6. Ducks and a chicken

    good point...back colour fits better too
  7. Ducks and a chicken

    1 yes 2 yes 3 teal not sure which cin or blue 4 looks like a prairie falcon? any more pics?
  8. Thrush and Flycatcher

    think you have them both right
  9. Help identify this bird

    welcome to the board...you have a European Starling
  10. empidonax sp. question

    least and trails (willow/alder) to me