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  1. The easiest way to distinguish between these species is voice. Photo evidence is usually not enough to get it down to a species with any certainty (much like alder/willow flycatcher for example)
  2. Brown Creeper???

    yes that's a brown creeper
  3. Sparrows

    agree with all 3
  4. Scaup

    head shape (flat at the back) favours lesser while no peak on top favours greater. without further pics i don't think this is idable to species with any level of certainty.
  5. song sparrow least sandpiper...note the yellowish legs and curved bill agree with the rest
  6. shouldn't be there but looks like a White-Tailed Kite to me
  7. help with water birds

    bird in the back of 5 looks like a female northern pintail to me
  8. What raptor

    agreed...blocky head and small eye in comp to head would make this a cooper's...nice pic
  9. Red-breasted Merganser

    dont think so...not even sure i could rule out a cormorant from this one pic (looking at it a bit closer)
  10. Red-breasted Merganser

    i dont see anything that looks like a merganser in there...the others do look like scaup but cant id down to a species from this photo...u also have a loon in the front
  11. Black Duck?

    agree with black duck...and congrats on the lifer
  12. hooded VS wilson's warbler

    agreed...bill colour (light) and size (small) also favours Wilson's