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  1. Mr. Taco Hard

    Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Congrats! My first bird of the year was Great Horned Owl.
  2. Now that's a Heerman's.
  3. Mr. Taco Hard

    Female Lapland Longspur?

    Fwiw looks good for Lapland to me...
  4. Mr. Taco Hard

    Help with Arizona Empidonax, thanks!

    Gray is actually the most expected of the three, as where Dusky would be second most expected and Hammond's would be quite rare in winter. Gray can be found in good numbers in certain habitat zones in the state in winter as where you'll almost never see more than two or three Duskies in one spot in the winter.
  5. Mr. Taco Hard

    ?...... bird sparrow ?

    Among many other things, Swamp would never show streaking on the front.
  6. Mr. Taco Hard


    Oh lol I totally missed the link Agreed with 1st winter Herring.
  7. Mr. Taco Hard

    ?...... bird sparrow ?

    fwiw looks good for a Lincoln's to me too
  8. Mr. Taco Hard


    All are Ring-bills (the bird on the right on the 1st photo is a 1st winter bird).
  9. Mr. Taco Hard

    What Gull?

    1st winter Ring-billed.
  10. Mr. Taco Hard

    Salton Sea Gull

    The relatively slim build (at least compared to the larger gulls such as Herring, Western, Glaucous-winged, etc...) also help narrow it down to Cali (RB never has red on the bill).
  11. Mr. Taco Hard

    Please help me confirm these ID's..

    1. Cooper's Hawk--relatively long head projection 2. Dunlins--basic plumage, relatively long droopy bills
  12. Mr. Taco Hard

    Cedar or Bohemian Waxwing?

    Ignore lol
  13. Mr. Taco Hard

    Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I got a score of 29.
  14. Mr. Taco Hard

    Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Wow very round and very white!