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  1. Duck and Gulls

    Yesterday in Detroit: 1. Greater Scaup (lifer)? 2. Flying gull: Bonaparte's (lifer)? 3. Large gull behind Ring-billed: Herring?
  2. Life bird King Eider in the Detroit River:
  3. Canada Goose X ? Hybrid?, Ducks, Accipiter

    Interesting about the goose. This was on Belle Isle in Detroit and there has been a Snow Goose hanging out with some Canada Geese on the island, but these two birds were on different parts of the island with different groups of Canada Geese, the pure Snow on the Western tip and the hybrid along the Southern shore about the middle of the ~1,000 acre island. Any other thoughts on the hybrid in the original post?
  4. Empidonax Flycatcher

    Welcome to Whatbird, @swtnswr! These appear to be winter-plumaged American Goldfinches.
  5. Canada Goose X ? Hybrid?, Ducks, Accipiter

    Regarding the 1st bird, eBirders are saying it's a Domestic X Canada hybrid. I'm most curious whether the hawk can be identified.
  6. Red Tailed Hawk?

    This is a Red-tailed Hawk. It is young with that yellow eye, but has at least two distinctive red tail feathers. It also has a "belly band" which also helps ID.
  7. All within the past couple days in Southeast Michigan: 1. This goose was about the size of the Canada Geese. I assume it is a hybrid between a Canada Goose and something. What is it? 2. Fairly confident in these. Let me know if I'm wrong or missed anything. Canvasbacks, Redheads, Buffleheads on the right, and Hooded Mergansers in the back: 3. These were the best shots I could get.
  8. Sorry, a little behind, but I like these ones from this past Wednesday: White-breasted Nuthatch Dark-eyed Junco Carolina Wren Canada Goose
  9. Help with several birds

    Do you have a closer shot of the 1st bird?
  10. Blackbird species i.d. request

    Welcome to Whatbird! I can't ID it but have a guess: Brown-headed Cowbird. Tail seems kind of short for Common Grackle.
  11. ?? sparrow

    I don't know if it's enough, but based on longish, notched tail and lack of streaking, I'm guessing Chipping Sparrow.
  12. Help with several ID's

    1. Yes, I think Ruby-throated, but I have no experience with any other kind of hummingbird. 2. Eastern Phoebe 3. I think Purple Finch 4. ?? Another finch?
  13. Dusky-capped or Ash-throated?

    @MSchijf Welcome to Whatbird! I can't help, but replying to bump this to the top of the forum.
  14. 8/24/17 near Crosswinds Marsh, Michigan 3 Pectoral Sandpipers in front, a Killdeer in the middle back, but what it the sandpiper I'm pointing to:
  15. Kinglet confirmatioon please

    They are both Golden-crowned Kinglets. I haven't heard of an Orange-crowned Kinglet.