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  1. Sparrow and Warbler

    I don't think it has the diagnostic undertail of a Magnolia.
  2. help Id birds from Colorado

    I don't know about the 1st bird...maybe a Sparrow or a Longspur? The 2nd looks like Say's Phoebe.
  3. Red-shouldered Hawk?

    Thanks! Appreciate it!
  4. Red-shouldered Hawk?

    NOT MY PHOTO. Taken yesterday in Dearborn, MI
  5. warbling vireo?

    Hard to tell with the branch behind, but the bill looks more like a warbler bill to me, pointy without a small hook at end.
  6. What bird?

    Maybe a Tanager species?
  7. Shorebirds

    Could the second one be a Willet?
  8. Bird Pair Eating Echinachea Seeds Long Island NY

    Welcome to Whatbird! Fairly certain these are American Goldfinches, exhibiting standard American Goldfinch behavior.
  9. Shorebirds

  10. Waterthrush - Louisiana or Northern?

    oh...must be on my end...still don't see it.
  11. Waterthrush - Louisiana or Northern?

    This is definitely a case where I could have learned something if the photo was left up. I haven't seen either species.
  12. Sandpiper

    I'm no expert, but I think another Pectoral just slightly smaller...in the second pic, the size difference doesn't seem as great, so the apparent difference in size in the first pic could just be angle and the fact than one is on land and the other in water. If I'm not mistaken, Pectorals can show those white lines down the back.
  13. I can't ID this little bird

    Thant's an American Redstart with the yellow patch on the wings and yellow tail feathers.
  14. Beautiful photos!
  15. My best photo so far of a Belted Kingfisher: I also like this Double-crested Cormorant: