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  1. Gulls seem to be a popular topic around here lately. I know I have at least 1 lifer here. All these were from yesterday, 1/12, at an inland lake in Southeast Michigan. Thanks in advance for any help. I have more pictures of almost all of them if you want to see other views. Editing out all the Herring Gull photos 1-3, 5-9 that @psweet ID'd. 4. ? and ?
  2. Carolina Wren, Dearborn, MI 1/16/18:
  3. Please help with these gulls

    Here are some more photos of the subject gull, what some people say is a large Iceland (Kumlien's) and a couple independent people guessed Herring X Glaucous-winged. Any more thoughts after these photos?
  4. Please help with these gulls

    Grace Lake in Wayne, off I-275, just North if 94
  5. Please help with these gulls

    Thanks and I’ll post more pics when I get a chance.
  6. Please help with these gulls

    On #4 could they both be Iceland Gulls? 2nd photo I posted they are about the same size as Herring Gull. Wouldn't Glaucous be considerably larger?
  7. Pretty Yellow bird in the backyard

    I think Yellow Warbler.
  8. Please help with these gulls

    Anyone know who I should contact in Michigan about the Gull in #4?
  9. Please help with these gulls

    Thank you @psweet! The young ones really stump me. Seems like young Herring Gulls can have a lot of brownish in them but also get pretty gray.
  10. Please help with these gulls

    Here are the gulls in #4 with what I think is a Herring Gull, for size comparison.
  11. Coopers

    Beautiful photos! Those sparrows and titmice must be very observant or have good instincts. Maybe they saw the actual kill so knew they had some time before it's next meal? I don't know.
  12. Another Accipiter ID

    Strikes me as a Cooper's Hawk based on head size relative to body. Seems like a Northern Goshawk and Sharp-shinned's heads would be smaller relative to body. Not sure though. Waiting for other responses and ID points from experts.
  13. Iceland (Thayer's) Gull?

    I don't know. Bumping to see if anyone else can figure it out.
  14. FL January - Rough-winged Swallow?

    Out of curiosity, how do you get a good flying photo like that? Trying to improve my photography skills.
  15. California birds

    1. I think so...no gray cheeks . . . 4. Why not a Song Sparrow. Streaking doesn't look very fine and I see very little buffiness.
  16. Yellow-rumped plumage question

    Sorry I can't definitively answer your question, but to me, with my much more limited experience, it looks halfway between the ones I see in Fall in MIchigan (~100) and the couple I've seen in Spring in Michigan.
  17. Black-backed Gull?

    Detroit, MI, 12/21/17 Is this a Black-backed Gull? And if so, is it possible to tell which one? Second pic with what appears to be a Ring-billed Gull.
  18. Help With ID

    @dogbreath, Welcome to Whatbird! With no photo, all you are going to get are guesses. My guess is Brown-headed Cowbird...sounds like typical behavior and this eBird report has one in your general area. http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S29861187 Edit: were all the birds the same? Or did this one stand out and what were the other birds?
  19. Sparrow confirmation please

    Also agree, and from this angle on a Fox Sparrow, you would see some chevron-shaped spots on the breast.
  20. Gull at jersey shore in December

    Looks like one to me, because of the bill like you said and overall color pattern for a young bird and overall proportions, but I am not a gull expert with very little experience with other gulls besides Ring-billed. Mainly replying to bump this up now that you have the correct photo.
  21. White-Crowned & Savannah Sparrows?

    Also, hard to tell from this photo, but another good mark is a Song Sparrow has a relatively longer tail than a Savannah Sparrow. Enough to notice in the field if you see enough of them.
  22. Need I.D. Help

  23. ?? Warbler

    Looks like a pale malar stripe, which would fit Purple better, but as psweet said, photo might not be good enough to make distinction.
  24. Guessing game...

    Might be the tint on your computer? I see black and burnt orange.
  25. Guessing game...

    Looks like it fits to me...black where it should be, burnt orange where it should be. I've never seen one, but looks like the photos online.