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  1. NE Florida - little birds are my bane

    Looks okay to me. Follow this link for similar picture. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/e/eastern-bluebird/
  2. ID Blue/grey, yellow chest North Fl

    Welcome to Whatbird! This is a Northern Parula, in the warbler family.
  3. Identify a Bird Call/song

    That was my first guess...just saw one yesterday singing loudly like that. I'd be surprised if it weren't a Carolina Wen.
  4. Help Identify PNW Bird Call

    Welcome to Whatbird, @jesterbell! I'm mainly just replying to bump this to the top of the forum. I'm from Michigan and don't know Pacific Northwest birds. With that said, is there any way you can get a recording? Chances of ID would be much greater. If not, maybe let us know what the habitat is like? What is the tone of the notes? E.g., soft whistle like a flute or piccolo, hard whistle like the kind a gym teacher would use, etc. What notes are they (e.g. C, E-flat, A)?
  5. Can't seem to place this (audio)

    Red-winged Blackbird
  6. Sharp-shinned? Red-shouldered??

    LOL. Just Google Nelson Briefer.
  7. Cooper's?

    What rules out Sharp-shinned?
  8. Great-tailed Grackle
  9. San Diego Hawk?

    Beautiful photo; beautiful beard.
  10. Non-breeding golden-crowned sparrow?

    With the way you capitalized "Yellow Crested", I went to look if there was a bird called Yellow Crested Sparrow. I couldn't find one.
  11. Female Northern Cardinal with crest down?
  12. Unknown wing

    Looking at the label, I would call this a Magnificent Frigidairebird.
  13. Reddish Egret near Savannah GA?

    I'm a little behind on the forum, but would be interested in seeing your photos.
  14. Purple Martin?

    Not my photo (got the okay to share). From the middle of the thumb of Michigan in May.
  15. I know some of you like a challenge. Yesterday, 2/20/18, Southeast Michigan. This bird was very far away, gliding, with a couple wing flaps every 10 seconds or so. My superzoom point-and-shoot was past maximum optical zoom and the photo is HEAVILY cropped at that. Was only able to get one pic.
  16. Sparrow ID

    Swamp Sparrow
  17. regarding size/shape of wild x domestic hybrids, I once saw a large group of Mallards including 4-5 huge domestic Pekin ducks. But also in the flock were 2 all-white birds that were the same size/shape/dimensions as the wild Mallards.
  18. Thanks all. I was actually there looking for a Rough-legged that had been seen there a couple times recently. Maybe I'll head back and see if I can find it again. The small airport hosts a few birds of prey now...Snowy Owl (edit: I had written Snowy Eagle...oops), Merlin, Red-tailed, and Rough-legged. I think there's probably a good source of prey between the airport grounds and landfill.
  19. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    I am far from a duck-in-flight expert, but those bills look more spatulate than merganser-like.
  20. No. Over a landfill by an airport.
  21. Dark streaked pipit

    Bump. I have no idea and wouldn't know how to tell them apart.
  22. Unknown visitor

    I think I know it: immature Red-headed Woodpecker!
  23. Welcome to Whatbird! Nice photo of a nice bird!
  24. Unknown visitor

    Can you describe its beak? Did it have a crest? How long was the tail? Edit: I'm guessing Bohemian Waxwing. Do you have fruit in your feeder? Edit 2: Withdrawing my Waxwing suggestion because of response.
  25. Snow Goose

    The body looks about the same size as the Canada Geese, so I would say no, not a Snow. I know there are people who will reply who know what this is, though.