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  1. Well, we have been in Shenandoah NP for the past two days. Today we went on a ten mile hike. Currently in Washington DC. Spent last week on the coast (Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland), racking up some lifers.
  2. We followed a female for a good 10 minutes at the Stony Man Mountain in Shenandoah National Park, and then heard to males drumming.
  3. Just got lifers Blue-headed Vireo, Winter Wren, and Ruffed Grouse today in Virginia. I might do a trip report, but am not sure, as I have yet to complete one (or for that matter, get past two or so posts.) Edit: I also saw a probable booby on the ferry out to Cape May a few days ago!
  4. Yep, definitely have some Aluetians in there. Here is a fantastic website to the subspecific identification of goose species, the best in the business:
  5. Yep!
  6. ?

  7. Indeed it is!
  8. Yep, definitely a domestic Mallard.
  9. Yeah, they come in late march as spring migrants, nest in some discrete place, pooping on everyone's deck and infuriating the neighbors, and then leave in fall.
  10. Yep! Remember that birds in Colorado differ from those in Florida
  11. Got my first Turkey Vulture today while working my local patch! They are such a magnificent species, and one of my favorite birds.
  12. Ah, okay. Sounds like a cool idea!
  13. Agreed on Cooper's, and the last image is a Red-tailed Hawk!
  14. I'd say Pinyon Jay, with what we can see.