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  1. Confirm Mountain Bluebird

    Boulder Co., CO. Thanks! DSCN9037 by Phalarope73, on Flickr
  2. Dunlin?

  3. RTH and a Tanager?

  4. Sandpiper Help Needed

    Red Knot.
  5. Eastern Wood-Pewee ID please

    Yes, Eastern Wood-Pewee.
  6. Ruby crowned kinglet? (from MA)

    This is actually a warbler, perhaps a Pine Warbler.
  7. sandpipers

    1. Baird's Sandpiper 2. Long-billed Dowitcher 3. Least Sandpiper 4. Baird's Sandpiper, Semipalmated Sandpiper, and Sanderling 5. Long-billed Dowitchers
  8. Arizona hummingbirds - a few more

    All female Black-chinned.
  9. West Tennessee Vireo ?

    I think Philadelphia Vireo.
  10. Yellow breasted chat?

    Common Yellowthroat.
  11. Willow Flycatcher?

    Eastern Phoebe.
  12. Buteo of some sort in Washington DC Park?

    Red-tailed Hawk!
  13. Sandpipers

  14. Merlin? Toronto

    Yep, Merlin!