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  1. Pipet?

    American Pipit.
  2. Raptor

    Red-tailed Hawk (I think).
  3. need vefification of kingbird

    I concur with Western Kingbird, and perhaps a juvenile because of the pink on the bill?
  4. Mallard (Mexican Integrate)

    Thanks all for the replies!
  5. Hi all, Photographed today in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I was wondering if this might be a Mallard (Mexican Integrate)? Thanks! DSCN9829 by Phalarope73, on Flickr
  6. Socal Shorebird

    I agree.
  7. Warbler and oriole

    First one is a Black-throated Green Warbler, not sure on second.
  8. Second opinion on unknown seagull

  9. Duck IDs

    1-2. Redhead 3-4. Lesser Scaup
  10. confirm Coopers

  11. goldfinch

    All appear to be Lesser Goldfinch.
  12. Both Ring-billed?

    Yes, adult and juvenile Ring-billed Gulls.
  13. Grebe? Merganser?

  14. Ducks

    Gadwall and American Wigeon.
  15. Ebird Rare Sightings

    Hi all, I have recently become interested in the meaning/variation of the words/symbols (ie. ***MEGA) put before unusual birds. Here in Colorado people don't seem to do it very much, but on the East Coast it is common. I recently saw a report of a Summer Tanager. The person said it was "***Very Rare", while an observation from a few miles away was said to be "**Rare". Does anyone have some rough guidelines as to the significance of these at the beginning of checklists? I have been hesitant to write such things on my rare bird reports thus far. Also, is a MEGA a first state record or something that has been recorded 2-4 times? Help is appreciated - thanks.