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  1. Orange Crowned Warbler

    Yep, I can see that. Thanks again!
  2. Taken Sept 2nd 2017 North Shore Lake Erie Hey All, Any chance this is an Orange Crowned Warbler? Thanks in advance! http://
  3. Accipiter and Gull

    Taken the last two days. North shore Lake Erie. Southwestern, ON Hey can I get a confirmation on these two birds? Thanks so much! I believe this is a first year Cooper's hawk. It was being mobbed by crows and was bigger than a robin. It seemed to be closer to the size of a crow. http:// http:// This is probably a Bonaparte's gull but I am wondering if birds molt at different times? This was the only bird still with a black hood in a flock of about 300 bonnies that were all in non-breeding plummage. http:// http://
  4. Confirm Phalarope

    August 17th SW Ontario Hi Folks, Is this a Wilson's Phalarope? Thanks in advance! http://
  5. Sparrow

    Taken July 20 2017 Quebec City Hello all, Can an id be made for this sparrow? Thanks! http://
  6. Hi Folks, Hope I have the right forum for this picture. Taken June 18th SW Ontario Thanks in advance! http://
  7. ID for one

    I'm going to say it's a female Indigo Bunting. The olive found in the wings was throwing me off. Thanks for the views.
  8. ID for one

    Taken May 13th on the North Shore of Lake Erie Initially thought this was a Tennessee warbler when I was in the field but just looked at the pictures and the bill is wrong for that. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance. http:// http://
  9. Hi Folks, This bird was observed March 18th in Miami. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! http://i.imgur.com/AqfwOOx.jpg http://i.imgur.com/LlfkbWs.jpg
  10. sparrows

    Looking for some help with these two... Taken today SW Ontario. 1. Swamp or White throated? ">http:// 2. Lincoln's ? ">http:// thanks in advance!
  11. warbler?

    Thanks, wasn't sure they were still around!
  12. warbler?

    Oct 10 SW Ontario This should be easy but I am drawing a blank. Thanks for your help! ">http:// ">http://
  13. Water bird

    Oct 8th SW Ontario Thanks in advance! ">http:// ">http://
  14. Vireo

    SW Ontario. Beginning of September. Any chance this is a Philadelphia vireo? The yellow is on the breast, not side, and there is a blackish line through and in front of eye. There was a sighting in the area on that day. Thanks for your thoughts! ">http:// ">http://
  15. Sept 10th SW Ont Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance 1. This warbler showed no yellow on throat...could it be an orange-crowned? ">http:// 2. Thought this was a Towhee at first but... ">http://