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  1. Dark streaked pipit

    This was taken today in San Diego where a red-throated pipit has been seen along with american pipits. I think all or most of the shots are of the bird in question but I could have included an american by mistake. Thanks. Here are pics: https://bill3sarah.smugmug.com/Misc/Pipit/
  2. Cinnamon teal hybrid?

    Taken today in Tucson, AZ. He's much lighter color than a male he was swimming with.
  3. Taken today in very southern Arizona (near Sonoita). Sorry for the mesquite leaves blocking some parts. Thanks in advance.
  4. Taken today in northern VA. Please confirm. Thanks.
  5. semi-palmated plover?

    Yes, of course. Thanks.
  6. semi-palmated plover?

    Taken today on a bay near the Potomac River in northern VA. Very low tide. The photos were taken from quite a distance. Never noticed plovers here before. Thanks.
  7. Scarlet tanager wing bar

    Is this golden wing bar uncommon on scarlet tanagers? I have seen most with all black wings. Taken a few days ago in Virginia. Thanks.
  8. ring-necked duck

    Taken today in northern VA. Awfully early for this duck. Thanks.
  9. Egret or heron

    Taken late April on Texas gulf coast. In the vicinity, there were white morph reddish egrets but the bill does not look right. Leg color not good for little blue heron. No yellow feet for snowy egret. Unless the actual color of the legs/feet is covered with mud or goo. Thanks.
  10. Plover type

    Foreground bird. The legs are yellow so probably not snowy and bill is too small for wilson's. Does not look like piping. Somewhere between snowy and semipalmated? These shots were taken Apr 22 on Bolivar Penninsula, east of Galveston, TX. Thanks.
  11. Le Conte's sparrow

    These shots were taken Apr 24 on Bolivar Penninsula, east of Galveston, TX. Thanks.
  12. Nelson's and/or Saltmarsh

    April 24, I took photos of sparrows on Bolivar Penninsula, Texas and believe they are Nelson's. I then reviewed a photo of a sparrow that I took in May on Delaware bay a few years ago. I'm a little confused about the difference between the species. The Nelson's seem to have a buffier chest and less striping. The first photo is Delaware Bay and the last two are Texas. I'd appreciate an opinion. Thanks.
  13. Snow Geese?

    Taken Christmas day near Flagstaff, AZ.
  14. Is this a scaup

    Taken today in Northern Virginia. I don't think I've seen the white "bar" before. A hybrid? Thanks.
  15. Taken two days ago in Shenandoah NP in VA. My Peterson does not show this variation. Thanks.