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  1. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    How could I not?
  2. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I say the same about apostrophes used before a pluralizing s.
  3. 1. Indeed it is - nice bird! (I would ask for location but I don't want to disturb it so I won't.) 2. I too would go with Cooper's 3-4. Pine Warblers
  4. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    The shearwater show is best in late summer and the past few days have been nothing short of spectacular; activity has apparently gone down significantly now that Jose has moved on but consider the fact that 1000 Great Shearwaters is considered a slow day...
  5. South TX: Orioles

    1 appears to be an Orchard and the last two are Hooded.
  6. Another Warbler ID please

    That looks better for a Cape May Warbler - which in the northeast is a tougher bird to find than Pine Warbler.
  7. Small Bird

    Looks like a Warbling Vireo.
  8. Is this a Lesser Goldfinch?

    Yes, American Goldfinch.
  9. More Middle Tennessee shorebirds

    Got them both.
  10. Agree with darknight about the bill size. Another factor is date - I don't think you should be seeing big flocks of shovelers in Tennessee at the start of September, but Blue-winged Teals should already be on the move and in the area by now.
  11. What Shorebirds???

    1. That is indeed a Red Knot 2. I'm not a godwit ID expert so I'm not sure I could rule out the even rarer Bar-tailed but it's either that or Hudsonian 3. I'd say Short-billed Dowitcher too
  12. Pectoral Sandpiper?

    Yes to Pectoral and I'm pretty sure about Western as well. Location would be helpful though.
  13. Warblers in VT

    First three are right, and the last one looks like a Nashville with the gray hood, white eyering, and sharp bill.
  14. Another YBFL?

    Pretty sure Leasts can show buffy wingbars too...