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  1. Warblers in VT

    All are correct, though I can't confirm the specifics of the yellowthroat or redstart.
  2. I'm seeing no sign of the black and white stripes that should be on a Golden-crowned's face - looks like the much plainer Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
  3. Marsh Bird

    There are a few nesting pairs in the state these days and most are in Berkshire County, so they are getting increasingly normal but they're still not easy and I don't have one for the state yet myself.
  4. Marsh Bird

    How about Sandhill Crane?
  5. A Few Birds from Ottawa, Canada

    1. Hard to say for sure - any photos of showing the front of the bird better? 2. Blackburnian on top; kinda getting a Tennessee impression on the bottom bird but I'm not gonna call it 3. Yes 4. Yellow Warbler 5. Looks good 6. Fledgling American Redstart I think 7. Yes, Yellow Warbler
  6. Flycatcher

    Doesn't look right for Acadian - thin tail, bold eyering, and overall not particularly green. Those are all better matches for Least Flycatcher.
  7. Sandpiper Confirmation

    Yep, looks good to me.
  8. TERNS!!!

    I personally was looking at Sandwich for 5, but like psweet I'm not nearly certain about that.
  9. Warbling Vireo? - Western Mass

    Indeed it is.
  10. Sandy Hook, NJ - Plovers

    Correct on 1 and 2 (wouldn't be sure if it's young or just an adult in nonbreeding plumage), and your inkling on 3 is also correct as that's a Black-bellied.
  11. Phoebe or Peewee

    Eastern Phoebe - no pewee will ever have a tail that long.
  12. Gull

    Looks like a Laughing Gull to me.
  13. Gull

    Yeah, all I'm seeing is a Ring-billed too.
  14. Empidonax Flycatcher

    Agree with Cordilleran.
  15. Tern IDs

    I'm not seeing Forster's anywhere - they should have a nice thick orange bill and I'm seeing thinner red bills. The left one appears to be a Common Tern, and the right one looks like a Roseate with the very light gray upperside and thin bill with little red.