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  1. If someone can decode this let me know...
  2. That would be a Red-winged Blackbird. Welcome to Whatbird!
  3. Where was this taken?
  4. Although it may not be in a pine, it's a Pine Warbler.
  5. All photos show Rough-legged Hawks.
  6. 1 is a White-tailed Hawk - Red-tailed wouldn't show such a uniformly dark head or have only four notched primaries (making the wing look more pointed).
  7. I still don't get why the Falcons elected to pass the ball when they had it at the Pats 25, up by 8, and with just over 4 minutes to go... the running game was gashing the Patriots' defense all night, and all you have to do anyway is kick a field goal to virtually seal it by making it a two-score game with that little time left. But, it's not like I'm unhappy with the decision.
  8. According to my calculations this person was apparently traveling nearly 1200 miles per hour...
  9. Well, can't say he's wrong about the Muscovy...
  10. Black Ducks indeed they are.
  11. Not really sure on 1 or 2, but 3 sounds more like a Carolina Wren to me - it's a call I've heard countless times and the House Wren's recording is ever-so-slightly off from the call in the recording.
  12. Well, I've been up since 3 am and it's 9:30 now but I'm still somehow awake. Participated with 3 other MYBC people in the Super Bowl of Birding today - basically get as many points as you can from 5 am to 5 pm; rarer species are worth more points than common ones; also you're limited to Essex County MA and Rockingham County NH. Long story short: we dipped on Dovekie twice despite it being continually reported at the same location, got lucky with a saw-whet responding to our imitations after our stakeout one was nowhere to be found, found a group of 5(!) King Eiders, failed miserably at passerines (we didn't have a robin until like 4:40 pm with 20 minutes to spare and missed species like bluebird and Brown Creeper), had 2 unusual goose species, and learned that to actually do well compared to the competition we should actually do a decent amount of planning. Oh yeah we also ran across this: Hungry Peregrine by andrew.barndt, on Flickr
  13. The tail is too long for Winter and the bird overall is quite light. Looks like a pretty normal House Wren.
  14. Not seeing anything but Least Sandpipers. I'm not sure why the legs can be said to be dark - the backlighting makes it pretty much impossible to judge. And while Leasts may not flock in the numbers of other shorebirds, they do sometimes form decent-sized groups like here, and the habitat is perfectly fine - Leasts migrate and winter along the coast all the time, especially in pools like this one. The bills are far too short for Dunlin, but again perfect for Least Sandpipers.
  15. Yep, Great Crested.