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  1. Which Egret or Heron?

    Agree with Little Blue. Reddish Egret would have a pinkish bill and the neck feathers would be a bit redder.
  2. Ducks and a sparrow

    I can agree with this ^
  3. SE Arizona in May

    Thanks, and yes, rarities will above all be the priority for me. So even though I'll be creating an itinerary of spots to visit, I'll leave a little wiggle room in case a new rarity pops up. And I'll look at some of the older trip reports to learn more about those areas.
  4. SE Arizona in May

    All right, here we go...just a few more weeks and I'll be hanging out in southeastern Arizona. We plan on staying there for a few days. So, with that in mind, what spots would you recommend for adding a number of those range restricted specialties? Patagonia looks promising, especially for hummingbirds, but what about some spots in the mountains?
  5. I 90 Corridor New York to Washington

    Where in Washington would you end up? There are some excellent birding spots pretty much right off I-90, but that depends on where your final destination is.
  6. California Condors in CA

    Thanks. That does indeed appear to be one of the most, if not the most reliable spot for them!
  7. Australia!

    Totally jealous! And fantastic photos too.
  8. Australia!

    Looks like you had one awesome trip! Looking forward to seeing the rest.
  9. California Condors in CA

    Hwy everyone, so as it turns out my trip to Florida this spring looks like it'll consist of a nice, birding filled road trip! But I wanted to ask about one specific bird I would like to see while down in CA...the California Condor. Specifically, in May, what are some reliable spots to see this giant bird? Looking on ebird, Pfieffer Big Sur State Park and Los Pedros National Forest look like they have the biggest concentration of records. If so, these are big areas, are there known specific places to look at these spots? I'd prefer not to spend a whole day searching, but if I must, I will. A couple hours would be preffered, but again, since this is such a big trip, I won't complain if I do have to set aside a day just for this. Any and all help would be great, as the time gets closer I'll be asking about more specific hotspots/birds!
  10. What's this small Orange/Black Bird? First Timer

    These look like Northern Red Bishops (I think that's the correct name?), which are an introduced species.
  11. Share your best photo of the day!

    Today was full of great photos, but these two are neck and neck for the "best" spot. Hooded Merganser by Christopher Clark, on Flickr Golden-crowned Sparrow by Christopher Clark, on Flickr
  12. at this point in time - I will not analyze my photos for you and I will not analyze your photos for you but I will try and name the species. In this case I cannot manage the species. it is just not a Merlin and not  Cooper’s. I am sorry also. Nelson.

  13. Merlin? Young Sharpie/Coop?

    No offense, but if you don't think it's a Cooper's, what does it look like to you? Not trying to shoot you down, it just isn't very helpful to say "it's not a Cooper's" and not give any other suggestions.
  14. Merlin? Young Sharpie/Coop?

    I would call this a Cooper's as well. While we can't 100% rule out a Sharpie, this bird is pretty bulky overall, likely pointing to Cooper's.
  15. Fox Sparrow (Sooty)?

    Agree with Song Sparrow. Among other things, a Sooty Fox Sparrow would be darker overall, with a noticeably bigger bill. You're more likely to encounter them hiding in some brush, like a blackberry patch or something along those lines.