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  1. Female hummer help requested

    Thanks! I submitted the report on ebird but still waiting for it to be confirmed.
  2. Need Help Identifying this bird!

    The first 2 photos are of Double-crested Cormorants, the lighter bird being a young one. Then last photo shows an Eastern Kingbird!
  3. Female hummer help requested

    Hey everyone, long time no post on my part! Anyway, I was out at Sunrise, on the east side of Mt Rainier National Park today, and saw this female/juvenile type hummer. Rufous is the more common species up there, but I was thinking this one may be a Calliope? The short tail and bill as well as a green rump is what has me thinking that. Any help in establishing ID would be greatly appreciated, and I do have more photos if needed. Hummer for ID by C. Clark, on Flickr Hummer for ID by C. Clark, on Flickr
  4. Some kind of raptor? (poor photo)

    If I had to guess, I'd say it looks quite like a Broad-winged Hawk.
  5. Terns Terns Terns!

    All are correct. 6 looks like it could be a Royal, but don't quote me on that. More likely an Elegant.
  6. Four More Central Ohio Birds

    1 strikes me as a Northern Pintail, not sure off the top of my head how regular they are in OH in July.
  7. Anaheim Gulls / Group 1

  8. Anaheim Gulls / Group 2

  9. Confirmed by a local ebird reviewer as a LIGU!
  10. What Hawk

    Sounds like it may have tried to catch something, missed, and hit something like a tree or the ground, as The Bird Nuts stated. When songbirds hit windows and survive, they are usually pretty confused for several minutes, perhaps something similar happened here.
  11. Confirm Downy Woodpecker

    Agreed, it's a Downy. Keep trying though, just keep an eye out for a similar looking woodpecker with a bill about twice the length of this bird
  12. Please help identify

  13. I need help with this batch

    1. Pine 2. ??? My flycatcher ID skills are rather rusty right now 3. Correct! Nice bird! 4. Looks like it.
  14. I Need Help With This One

    Yes, a juvenile European Starling, a bird I've tried to turn into some interesting rarity more than once.
  15. What kind of bird is this?

    Yes, a young Brown-headed Cowbird. Chances are its parents aren't too far away, keeping a close eye on it, as birds almost never abandon their young at this stage. Interesting fact, any birds caring for this little guy (or gal) aren't its real parents! Adult Brown-headed Cowbirds lay their eggs in other bird's nests, which then take care of the baby! Talk about lazy parents!