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  1. Brown bird in Orlando

    just can't get the right idea with this guy. Thought it was thrasher-like, but that's not right. Thanks in advance.
  2. Heron in Orlando FL

    Saw this a few days ago at Grand Lakes FL. Thought maybe a tricolored heron?
  3. I saw this today flying high above northern NJ. I included the crow that buzzed it for size comparison. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sparrows (?) in NJ

    These 2 were zipping around the tall grass in NJ today, then flew off into the trees. Thought they were sparrows of some sort but couldn't get a good look. This is the best I could do with cam. Thanks in advance.
  5. Saw this today in NJ. A Hooded Merganser?
  6. Redpoll in Iceland

    Thanks @IvoryBillHope!
  7. Redpoll in Iceland

    Snapped by a friend last week in Iceland. Looks like a common redpoll to me. Since it's in Iceland, maybe lesser?
  8. A friend snapped this in February in Iceland. Female Common Eider?
  9. Night Heron in NJ

    Is this a black-crowned night heron? NJ Meadowlands Feb 2018.
  10. Orlando Florida

    Ooh... boat tailed grackle?
  11. Orlando Florida

    Don't really know what this was. Found this week in Orlando. Lightened it a bit.
  12. Found today. Thanks for the assist
  13. Found today. Thanks
  14. Black headed gull?

    Looks like a black headed gull based on what I can find in iBird app. Found in Prague in January. Thanks in advance.
  15. Cormorant in Prague

    Found in Prague this week. Is it a great cormorant? Thanks.