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  1. It was exploring puddles in our Arboretum. Solitary?
  2. ...that the birders around me in NJ were talking about last week? Thanks in advance.
  3. LennyRock

    Eastern Towhee in NJ?

    Found this month in northern NJ. Maybe juv eastern towhee?
  4. Last week. Thanks in advance.
  5. LennyRock

    Tennessee Warbler in NJ?

    Thanks all!
  6. Last weekend. I heard several birders in the area mention Tennessee Warbler, so I thought this might be one. Thanks.
  7. Winter wren? Thanks in advance.
  8. LennyRock

    Warbler in Northern NJ today

    Thanks both!
  9. LennyRock

    Warbler in Northern NJ today

    hmmm. That looks like the female version on the Cornell website. Hope that's right as it would be a new one for me.
  10. LennyRock

    Warbler in Northern NJ today

    Another view...
  11. Found this morning flitting around in low bushes. Thought maybe Prothonotary or Yellow, but not sure at all. Thanks in advance.
  12. LennyRock

    Black and white feather in NJ today

    I'm thinking mourning dove after some googling. Thanks
  13. Found today. Thanks.
  14. Couldn't make it out from this angle. In an area with warblers, tanagers, redstarts, etc. Thanks.