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  1. Kingbird confirm

    Awesome, psweet. They're not unexpected here, but they have eluded me for three years now. Great to finally hang out with one. Thanks for helping out.
  2. Kingbird confirm

    Today in Austin. I'm fairly certain this is a Couch's kingbird. Found in some trees along a river. Generally quiet, though I did hear a call, that sounded nothing like samples of a Tropical king and closer to a Western kingbird's squeeks. On its several forays off the branch to snag a bug, I saw no white on the tails as I'm used to for the Western and the back was very distinctly greenish-grey. Bright yellow came up very high on the breast and whitish through contrasts with darker grey neck and face. 257 188 197 252
  3. Dowitcher

    Probably not enough to go on by sight, but is there anything visually to support my auditory memory? I'm very certain I heard the call of a short-billed several short irregular syllables, generally the same pitch, but with a slight descending pattern over the phrase. Nothing that sounded like records of long-billeds. SBDO would be a rare thing indeed here in Austin. (of course all the peeps are Leasts) 028 050 025
  4. Bunting? (images present now)

    Thanks for your patience y'all. I knew it was going to be trial + error before it got right.
  5. The pics are horrible (ISO waaaay too high) but is there enough here to figure it out? Color tone doesn't seem right for an indigo (female/immature) could this be an painted? (or something else entirely). Austin, today. 002 by AtxRva Byrd, on Flickr 004 by AtxRva Byrd, on Flickr
  6. A few confirms from Austin today

    Thanks so much, psweet. Always look forward to your responses (to mine or anyone else's posts.) I actually did the same thing with the bittern when I saw in in the field. It first registered as a Green Heron in my mind but then the patterns and colors were off just enough to look for other options. I think I'm going to call the ibis White-Faced. They're a common enough sighting here in October that it's a non-rare option and White-Faced/Glossy option isn't even available (we have a number of these options available such as for RTHU and BCHU). To report it any other way would invite critique from the hotspot moderator. I'll look for the BBCode next time I post. Until now I've just been using the share code to embed.
  7. Three different birds. One would be a lifer... Bird on the right, my guess would be a northern pintail, but in truth, I have no idea (I'm fairly certain the duck on the left is a blue-winged teal, there were close to 50 of them today) There might not be enough detail for an id... Is there enough here to confirm white-faced ibis? They've been reported this week by others and I'm assuming glossy would be just ridiculously rare right now for our region. Ibis with an immature little blue heron? Finally, and this would be a lifer, a possible least bittern. I'm looking at the white curve on the wing and the general tawny color. Besides, in real life, this bird was tiny. Much smaller than the myriad green herons I've seen before. It was able to hide almost entirely (until I found the right angle) behind a tree trunk 6-7 inches across. One last note, do any of you have any tips about how to share a smaller version of a photo from Flickr?
  8. western Palm? red eyed Vireo?

    Wow. that is an awesome, beautiful shot!
  9. Immature Blue Grosbeak?

    No good reason actually! (except that a grosbeak had been reported only this week at the same location. indigo's not for much longer) After early summer, they're just off my radar down here and I don't think about them until next spring--at my peril, apparently By now I really should have realized that the birds that fly through here in the spring usually also fly through here on their way back, too. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Fall Warbler

    Thanks much, chipper!
  11. I think I've narrowed it to either a grosbeak or a lesser goldfinch. (I know. they shouldn't be confusing, but here I am.) This individual had heavily streaked breast and the color(s) just didn't seem right for an immature goldfinch. I could be way off though. Hope there's enough here. The full collection of shots: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146575744@N07/shares/71YxFd Two of the (perhaps) most helpful pics:
  12. Fall Warbler

    In Austin today. Yellow breast, with a pale chin and throat, fading to a white vent. Gray head, strong eye ring. Grayish green on the primaries, it seems. Pics are poor hope there's enough to confirm or correct. https://www.flickr.com/photos/146575744@N07/shares/x2seh5
  13. WESA, SESA, LESA, PESA, oh my?

    It was, psweet. "Muck" might be the better word, actually, since this was at a bio-solids recycling facility. The birds are walking in in some pretty thick stuff on some expansive "ponds" here. Thanks again for the input, both of you. Pectorals can give many different looks. Some, like the first, can be misleading, but others (for me, especially, the head-on shot) seem far more telling.
  14. WESA, SESA, LESA, PESA, oh my?

    Thanks for replying psweet and Sor A. As it turned out #4 is a cropped shot. Here's a different version with a much smaller bird (a least, I think, given the size and yellow legs). I can't gauge the relative size to the Westerns as they were too far away from each other. The thing with this version is that the smaller bird is actually closer to the camera than the bird in question, confirming the size difference to my mind. To further complicate, a Baird's was reported at the site a day previous to my visit. However, the breast on this bird seems too dark and I can't tell the wing length relative to the tail here. Two more shots of the same two birds.
  15. In Austin TX yesterday. Four pics (though the whole group is here, if you're interested.) The hook: is this a shot with a Semipalmated, Western and a Least Sandpiper (from left to right)? How about these two? Definitely Western, right? Finally, what's going with this one? Just a Pectoral? Couldn't tell if those legs were yellowish or black.