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  1. Ruby-crowned Kinglet?

    AEH, Great photos, may I ask where in NOVA you found this beauty?? I'm in Arlington, thanks.
  2. Hawk ID - Cape Cod, MA

    I'll venture Broad Wing....
  3. Blurry Hawk Flyover

    Me thinks Northern Harrier.... Adult male?
  4. I got this wrong a few times last year so asking for help. Predominantly gray throughout face with eyeline but no white eyebrow, plus solid gray breast puts me on a Swamp Sparrow...? Thanks
  5. Trying to identify a bird

    Caribbean makes me think of Great Kiskadee (and its "KISS-ka-dee" call fits your pattern) also found in southern TX??? Just s long shot....
  6. Cleaning up pics from a few years ago and forgot to resolve these two. Taken in northern Virginia in July. These may be the same bird but I cannot attest to that fact. I'm not smart enough to determine whether bird (s) were molting or recently bathing but coloration was very splotchy/dinghy. My initial ID was Eastern Phoebe with black eyes and beaks but now I'm second guessing myself, thanks.
  7. Quite prominent tail bands, trailing dark wing edge, uniform color through wing tips nudges me to Zone Tailed. I guess prey on birds so not too helpful.
  8. I like Zone Tailed Hawk better for this bird...?!
  9. Sorry, this should be straight forward, strikes as redwinged blackbird lady but much darker overall and more splotchy steaks... Perhaps this indicates a younger female? Or perhaps I'm in the wrong pew and church altogether?? Thanks for your help.
  10. What kind of ducks are these?

    Dang, I spent a morning at this same place the prior weekend looking for the Mandarins, no such luck (although there were probably 20 wood ducks). Beautiful place.
  11. Transitional Horned Grebe??

    Thank you kindly!
  12. Hello, pictures from Hampton, VA, southeastern peninsula, this past weekend. I am not familiar at all with this species but best I can figure is a Horned Grebe in [what I read might be] transitional plumage winter to breeding. Would appreciate your confirmation or instruction to another bird. Thanks much.
  13. Rufous vs Allens

    Thank you both -- I've never seen more Hummers in one location.
  14. Rufous vs Allens

    Field guide indicates Rufous Hummers can carry some green down their backs rendering them nearly identical to Allens??? All other markings appear to me as consistent with either species, so I would appreciate and benefit from your help with this ID. Photo taken at Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, CA, last weekend. Thank you.
  15. Immature Goldeneye??

    Thanks again. It didn't strike me as adult female because of how dark the back coloring is. I don't get too see much of these so I have to rely on the books -- books show a gray coloring for females yet dark for immature make.