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  1. They were fairly close to the road, only about a few feet away. I wasn't the one driving, so I had a bit of extra time to get a look Quite certain that it had a shape like that of the birds you have suggested. Thanks for the suggestions
  2. On the highway, saw a random group of these kind of big looking birds right along a fence of a field... looked to be all black, shaped maybe similar to a cormorant (It's winter so it's definitely not cormorants, and I'm certain there's no big bodies of water close by in that area). I thought it was wild turkey except for the coloring and that unless they were all females, not likely (they all looked the same) Southern Ontario.
  3. dunno if this will help lol
  4. Sorry about the potato quality... this was taken today, Southern Ontario. The group have golden eyes.
  5. Dead predator? (not graphic)

    Ah.. thank-you too bad it wasn't still alive, without injuries but of course then we wouldn't know it was around... never seen one before
  6. My mom found it in a weird spot around or house... she found it yesterday, but thinks it might have been there for a few days already. Southern Ontario. IMG-20171023-WA0000
  7. Those "Almost" Good Shots!!

    Gosh I have so many of those... because of bad luck (too many branches in the way, just don't have the zoom I need) or because I still can't figure out how to do action shots... Will use this picture of a kingfisher as an example of my misfortune, since I just took it this morning. Don't have the zoom and still can't figure out how to set it up so I can freeze them in action so I don't have the blur..
  8. Not the most interesting pictures but you might get a chuckle as to why I took them. Well. Besides the fact I was an idiot and didn't think to record (though I didn't really expect the little bit of quirkiness to happen), so you'll have to use your imagination. So my dad and I wandered up to the section of the pond this trio was dozing at, and the one in back right perked up. To my surprise (and amusement), it waddled lazily (I'm pretty sure it didn't stand up to do this) closer to the one in the middle, and proceeded to use her beak to nudge the other one who raises her head. After a brief moment, she just puts her head back down, leaving the other one alone in her panic. Then the other duck waddles the rest of the little distance until she's squished up against her companion, which you can see in the last shot. I thought that was the funniest thing ever. Never seen a duck do that before...
  9. Goldeneye Duck Females

    Goldeneye Females So I saw this pair today and just had to ask... is something wrong with them, or is it just unusual behaviour? Thing is, I've never seen just two diving ducks in a whole area. It's one thing if there's a few scattered around a bigger group, but these two were the only ones in the neighborhood. Second, only once before have I ever seen diving ducks so close to shore before (I think that group was the same species of this one duck I asked identification for a while ago that I mistakenly thought was a baby cormorant [because of the eye color and stuff])
  10. Red/brownish bird

    Southern Ontario, summer time
  11. Black and white warbler?

    well boo how embarrassing (that's what i get for not reading things). Good thing I happen to have a Flickr account too...
  12. sorry about the poor quality... black and white of course, striped on sides and back and head. Ontario.
  13. Black and Orangey butterfly

    LOL!!!!!! I was really confused by the answer until I looked it up XD that's an odd name. Thanks!
  14. Southern Ontario. Help please