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  1. I dipped on a Rock Sandpiper in Skagit Co., WA. First time I was 30 minutes late. Second time I was one day late. Third time the Surfbird flock flushed right when I got there.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Pretty sure it's a Common, do you have a pic of the primaries?
  4. 1. Gadwall 2. American Wigeon
  5. Least Sandpipers.
  6. Oh yeah it is I'll change it.
  7. That's Greenmagpie and the checklist is not in the future.
  8. Agree with Least.
  9. Confirmed.
  10. Female House Sparrow.
  11. Yellow-rumped Warbler
  12. The bill looks too small and it looks too dainty for Herring, maybe Thayer's?
  13. This is a Redhead X Canvasback hybrid. Common Pochard would have more black on the base of the bill. The back is too pale for Redhead and the forehead is sloped.