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  1. Is this a Rock Wren

    Agreed with rock wren.
  2. Need help with this gull

    Bump! I'm not very good with gulls, but this'll move your request back up.
  3. Juvenile Golden Eagle or Dark Morph Hawk?

    Hawk of some sort. The bill is shorter and not as hefty as what you'd see in an eagle. Eagles also tend not to land on fence posts since they prefer being higher up.
  4. Goose

    Agreed with Ross's.
  5. Common Redpoll, female & male?

    Agreed. That was one I had hoped to see before moving out of Illinois. Oh well, I'll just have to keep an eye out when I visit for the holidays!
  6. Confirm 2 Butterflies

    I think you got them both. I'll admit I'm not as confident on the checkered skipper, but the skipperling looks good for southern.
  7. Help with ID of large green moth

    That's in the same family (Sphingidae), but not the same species. I'm not super familiar with South American Sphingidae unfortunately. Maybe try posting on iNaturalist and see what they say there. https://www.inaturalist.org/
  8. Your Photo of the Year 2017

    Ok, maybe more than one I'm having a hard time deciding too lol. What a beautiful moth! And that's a unique shot of it too, very rare you see from the front like that. Love the blue on the front femurs!
  9. Your Photo of the Year 2017

    Anyone have an insect photo they're particularly proud of from this past year? Doesn't have to be IDed or anything, just a picture you really like. You can post any insect (and non-insect hexapod) you'd like! I'll try to get one of my photos posted later.
  10. ID help please--Colorado

    I'd call it russet skipperling too. There are a few BugGuide records of that species in Colorado in July.
  11. another photo for ID

  12. Toothpick grasshopper? South Louisiana

    Agreed with L. marginicollis.
  13. Can a bird be infested by ticks?

    Based on the size of the bird and how blood fed the tick looks it's probably something in the genus Ixodes, potentially I. dentatus, which has a preference for birds and would still be active on warm days this time of year.
  14. ID help please?

    Agreed with variegated fritillary
  15. Blue Goose

    I'm going to miss the massive snow goose migration in Illinois. Lots of cool birds where I live now, but there's just something magical about going to a location and seeing a couple hundred thousand in a day Along with all the other waterfowl of course. If anyone is bumming around central Illinois come late January/early February and wants to see tons of ducks and geese I recommend going to check out Emiquon NWR and Chautauqua NWR near Havana.