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  1. pannaking22

    June bug? Covington Louisiana

    Agreed with Phyllophaga sp. Can't go any lower without pulling the genitals.
  2. pannaking22

    Assassin bug? South Louisiana

    Agreed with Rasahus biguttatus
  3. pannaking22


    1 and 1.5 look good for smoky rubyspot. Pass on 2
  4. pannaking22

    Four-spotted Pennant

  5. pannaking22

    Gull and Yellowlegs ID help

    New bump
  6. pannaking22

    What Wisconsin Bird is this

    There it is, great shot of a dark eyed junco!
  7. pannaking22

    What Wisconsin Bird is this

    I'm not seeing the photo?
  8. pannaking22

    Warbling Vireo?

    Dates would potentially help with the ID too. I'm guessing it's still a bit too cold up there for all those leaves I'll admit I'm not super confident on my vireos, so I'm leaving it up to the experts. Welcome to the forum!
  9. pannaking22

    not sure

    Agreed with common grackle
  10. pannaking22

    Common Merganser

    Agreed, nice find!
  11. pannaking22

    Is this a Rock Wren

    Agreed with rock wren.
  12. pannaking22

    Need help with this gull

    Bump! I'm not very good with gulls, but this'll move your request back up.
  13. pannaking22

    Juvenile Golden Eagle or Dark Morph Hawk?

    Hawk of some sort. The bill is shorter and not as hefty as what you'd see in an eagle. Eagles also tend not to land on fence posts since they prefer being higher up.
  14. pannaking22


    Agreed with Ross's.
  15. pannaking22

    Common Redpoll, female & male?

    Agreed. That was one I had hoped to see before moving out of Illinois. Oh well, I'll just have to keep an eye out when I visit for the holidays!