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  1. Agreed with snowberry clearwing.
  2. Agreed with N. americana
  3. Definitely a trapdoor spider, probably something in the genus Ummidia.
  4. With the single deep cut in the pronotum I'd call it Dissosteira carolina, the Carolina grasshopper. Patterning and coloration can be extremely variable in this species, most likely due to environmental pressures.
  5. Might be Vella americana -
  6. I've seen plenty of probably new species (going several hours south for the summer helps ), but getting photos has proven challenging so far. Will keep trying though!
  7. Looks like a Melanopline grasshopper nymph. No way to go to species on it since Melanoplus is one of the most difficult acridid genera to ID as adults, let alone nymphs.
  8. Location would help. I'd be willing to bet this wasn't in Manitoba
  9. Family is Hypogastruridae -
  10. Not a bat expert, but I think it looks good for big brown bat.
  11. Hadrurus sp.
  12. Agreed, lots of Romalea microptera
  13. 1. Agreed 2. Misumena sp. 3. Steatoda sp. 4. Philodromidae 5. Philodromidae 6. Agreed
  14. Ants are really tough. I don't usually try to ID them past genus without them on a pin. And there are always the weird basal groups that look really waspy. Ah, the wonderful mess that's Hymenopteran taxonomy!
  15. Looks about right, but there are a lot of Camponotus that look similar to that unfortunately.