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  1. I've been making Bird Feeders out of Spaghetti Squash and pumpkins.
  2. This software seems to do the trick ..http://debut-video-capture.en.softonic.com/download
  3. Okay, software is driving me nuts, I can take pictures, I can stream, but I see no way to save to an MPEG file.
  4. Thank you for that Bigfoot. I hope I can find one that fits my Kinstone USB Camera.
  5. Thanks, the software works great, only problem is the glare on the window.
  6. I'm interested in a continual movie stream to record or even make available for public viewing. Actually both your ideas look worth looking into.
  7. I have a usb webcam pointed at my bird feeder, does anyone know what software I could use to use it to film the birds that visit it?
  8. Thank you folks
  9. I just had some one on FB tell me its a Redpoll , looking at both the Purple Finch and Redpoll ... I think I need to get a better close up picture.
  10. I have a few of these showing up today, I have no clue what they are. Bird feeder how has; these, chikadees, nuthatchers, wrens, gold finches and a woodpecker coming by.
  11. Thanks folks
  12. I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada, I've put a bird feeder out and am identifying various bords using it. I have no clue what kind of bird this is.