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  1. I realized that
  2. American Tree Sparrows, Snowy Owls, Brown-headed Nuthatch and every single Empidonax Flycatcher in existence.
  3. Hey wait a minute, I'm at 79!
  4. Just as a heads up, this bird isn't countable due to it's domestic nature
  5. The first one looks Thayerish, but I'm not going to try the second one. There is a Western Gull (I think) in the background of the first one
  6. Agreed! There isn't anything else like our friendly little Robins!
  7. 1. This is a Falcon. Maybe a Merlin 2. I think so. The tail looks too long for a Buteo and the head is blocky
  8. This is a male. Note the black mask contrasting with the namesake yellow throat
  9. I had a good day today: Lifers/Yearbirds? >
  10. Could you wait until tomorrow? I'm going birding in a habitat I haven't been to yet this year
  11. Nassau #200; Rough-legged Hawk!!!!!!!!!
  12. The photo I have shows a dark brown body, which I have only seen in very young birds in the summer
  13. I've never seen a Ring-billed Gull with that dark of a body. And the reason why i thought the Warbler was an Audubon's was the reduced white and there is a bit of yellow on the sides.