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  1. Umm....
  2. How about Jamaica Bay, which sits at 306? Or Jones Beach at 309? At both places there are always Birders roaming around looking for interesting birds, but the latter is handicapped for being one of busiest beaches on the continent (which is annoying if you live near it)
  3. My home county is a tiny tiny 453 sq mi (only 285sq mi of land, the rest is water) and I have 211 species for it I only have 3 counties over 100 (Nassau and the two neighboring counties) and 6 over 50 (one upstate and two in NC)
  4. The top 4 are all of the Island Counties
  5. Nope. Kings (Brooklyn) is a no-go zone for most Islanders
  6. I was going through the list trying to spot the mis-ID before realizing some of these photos were extremely familiar
  7. This bird has big bold white wingbars. You wouldn't really notice the wingbars on a Phoebe
  8. I would guess it's a Snapping Turtle
  9. Looks like a Gray-cheeked/Bicknell's Thrush
  10. You do realize that Phoebes have little to no wingbars, right?
  11. Not a Phoebe due to those wingbars. This looks good for an Empidonax Flycatcher, the other thread said Acadian
  12. No Crow in North America has light eyes
  13. I saw an interesting Caterpillar today (Forest Tent Caterpillar): Also, I got my first Chimney Swift for my yard today!!!
  14. A Forest Tent Caterpillar at a popular park (for nonbirders and nonbuggers) today. Apparently it's the very first record for this species on Long Island on BugGuide
  15. The short tail makes me say Common