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  1. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    The back was definitely not dark enough. It might have been slightly darker than the one on the surrounding Ring-billeds, but it wasn't noticeable
  2. Enough info?

    I may have found a Cali Gull on the East Coast. Is this enough info or is it doomed to be "Gull sp." forever? Location is Long Island, NY, date is on the checklist http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S40132270
  3. There isn't anything called a Yellow-tailed Warbler in North America
  4. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Can anyone make anything out of this: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S40132270 Also, I got my license!
  5. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I dare you to make a complex tunnel system in that
  6. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Ok then. I'll wait for a trip to Florida, SoCal or Hawaii to get them
  7. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    The Peacocks roam free (not in a exhibit unless they wander into one) and even breed unrestrained. I don't know if they are a maintained flock or just birds they released into the grounds and left them be
  8. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I want to point out that the Indian Peafowl is very likely to be added to the ABA Checklist when they add Hawaii (looking at eBird reports and criteria set in the upcoming Birder's Guide) and according to ABA rules if an exotic is on the list it is countable anywhere else in the ABA area ONLY if the population is established Long story short PEAFOWLS ARE NOW COUNTABLE IN SOCAL AND FLORIDA!!!!!!! I'm still doing research if the free-roaming Peacocks in the Bronk Zoo are countable or not (it doesn't look too good)
  9. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Can you tell me how to get on?
  10. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    When's the best time of year to go to Race Point?
  11. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I'm on Block Island
  12. Pine Warbler?

  13. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I've had a VERY INTERESTING day today. The original plan for today was to drive from Long Island over to Galilee, RI (right by Point Judith) to take the 9AM ferry to Block Island to meet a friend who was already over there and stay until Sunday. That plan was immediately ruined by the fact that the ferries were cancelled today due to Tropical Storm Jose being right offshore. We went to Point Judith to do a quick seawatch, which turned up a Lesser Black-backed Gull, a Roseate Tern and a possible Arctic Tern in a mixed feeding flock right off the point. List: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S39327678 We then went to Newport for breakfast (on the way I saw my FOY Wild Turkey), where it was so windy and rainy we had a hard time walking 200ft. After that we went to Mystic, CT to try to catch some better weather (which did happen). I found my very first living adult Cicada (Dog-day Cicada, Neotibicen canicularis) on the sidewalk on its way out. We wound up staying in Norwich, CT and hopefully the ferries run tomorrow.