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  3. I haven't seen any, but that should be resolved soon (hopefully).
  4. You send your grocery list instead of the foreword and what comes out is the weirdest field guide ever. I wish for my next rarity to NOT BE A BLACK-HEADED GULL AGAIN
  5. I think 1 is a Gray Hawk, but I don't know if there's something similar in South America
  6. Should I flag it as: "too cool to exist"?
  7. I've never heard of this on LI:
  8. The first two look like Pittas of some sort and the last one looks a bit like a Munia
  9. I would imagine that would be a great spot for Seabirds
  10. Double Post
  11. This is a Yellow-throated Warbler
  12. You get one but Matth teleports ontop of it and squishes it I wish that everyone believed my Kelp Gull (lol)
  13. The 11th Plauge: DUNLINS
  14. You can teleport but every time you do you land in a tiny, sad, vanilla cupcake. I wish for a rarity (A LIVING ONE THAT ISN'T A BLACK-HEADED GULL)
  15. NOOO NOT AGAIN You have year round Warblers but there's only one species and it's a bunch of very bland migratory Yellow Warblers (since Mangrove Yellow Warblers and Golden Yellow Warblers are too pretty) I wish for cake that is not of the air