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  1. Not this year
  2. Wait, is the bill even visible?
  3. No way could there be a Shrike on LI, we have none Also, the bill is the wrong shape
  4. Agreed on Bachman's
  5. It's an Old World/New World Split.
  6. This year seems to have a lot of big splits in the proposals. However, some of the names are really unimaginative. What do you think they should be called? Proposals: Splits: Red Crossbill into Red Crossbill and South Hills Crossbill Northern Harrier into Northern Harrier and Hen Harrier Yellow-rumped Warbler into Myrtle Warbler and Audubon's Warbler Willet into Western Willet and Eastern Willet Magnificent Hummingbird into Rivoli's Hummingbird (in the ABA area) and Admirable Hummingbird Northern Skrike into Northern Shrike and Great Gray Strike Brown Creeper into Nearctic Creeper and Neotropic? Creeper (second one still unknown) Split Nashville Warbler into Rusty-capped Warbler and Calaveras Warbler Bell's Vireo into Bell's Vireo and Least Vireo
  7. Self found
  8. We have them all over down here, but they're elusive. Keep an eye on the trees near waterways, as they like to roost there in the day
  9. All of them are domestic Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus)
  10. It was 107. It's definitely in my PMs
  11. The AOU 2017-C proposals came out, and now I think this year will be as big as 1973 in the amount of major shifts. Here's the list: These are the changes that are most relavant to us: Split the Brown Creeper into Nearctic Creeper (most of North America) and Brown Creeper (Huachuca Mts., Santa Rita Mts. and Chiricahua Mts. in Arizona, Animas Mts. in New Mexico and all points south). Currently there's no way to separate them other than genetics and range Split the Nashville Warbler into Rusty-capped Warbler (Eastern) and Calaveras Warbler (Western). Seperatable by subtle differences in plumage (shouldn't be too hard) and song Lump Thayer's Gull into Iceland Gull. Apparently, the only reason why they're even split is due to an extremely scetchy study done in the 60s that likely never even occurred. Subsequent studies could even find any evidence of the breeding grounds used in this study. The whole proposal is a good read, and I recommend going through it Change the names of he two species with the name Le Conte's (Sparrow and Thrasher) to LeConte's. Apparently the former was the product of a typo Add Greenland to the AOU area. Not much but it may eventually lead to the addition of Greenland to the ABA area Split Least Vireo (California and AZ) from Bell's Vireo. Seperatable by plumage, behavior and maybe song
  12. I sent you a number...
  13. I went "bugging" around my tiny yard yesterday. The best I found was the Globular Springtail Dicyrtomina minuta forma ornata, some unidentified Whiteflies and this unidentified Pillbug (BugGuide:
  14. Looks like I got my first species in the Class Entognatha (weird obsure insect-like things that are normally found in the soil) Edit: Another one!