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  1. Trust me, it was funny The only poisonous snakes we get here are Rattlers, so I wasn't really worrying
  2. Kinda sounds like a Chickadee.
  3. I'd have to say Turkey Vulture.
  4. Oh good! Lucky you, my brother fell on me and crunched my arm
  5. Yep, that's a Black-and-White Warbler!
  6. YAY! I bet I'm the only person on Whatbird who's seen one Thanks a lot @Greenmagpie and @Thunderbird!!!!!
  7. Really? Where would a Red Crossbill be on the Spectrogram?
  8. THE THIRD ONE. You can clearly see the calls on this one.
  9. THE SECOND ONE. You can't really see anything on this one.
  10. HERE'S ONE FINALLY. This is the first one. Green dot in the middle is the call.
  11. Yeah I have potato internet right now, I'm working on it.
  12. Okay here's what I got:
  13. Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I'll try, but I've never used one before so I have no idea where the calls should even be on the spectrogram.