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  1. Melierax

    House Finch?

    Yes, this is a House Finch. Some people say that the yellow they can get is due to diet, but I'm not sure. Here's a completely orange/yellow one:
  2. Melierax

    Buff-bellied hummingbird? Texas 78070

    This is actually a Hummingbird! Not sure what kind though. EDIT: I hope I'm right, cuz I can look at photos in weird ways
  3. Melierax

    South TX: Goldfinch? and ???

    Correct on the first, the second is a Eurasian Collared-Dove I believe.
  4. Melierax

    High desert birds - Shrike

    I agree, with that tiny beak compared to a Northern. Also, the coloration is better for Loggerhead. EDIT: Also, it appears Loggerheads are permanent residents in central Oregon.
  5. Melierax


    Pretty sure this is a hybrid Red-naped x Red-breasted due to the characteristic red breast but red-naped facial patterns.
  6. Melierax

    Hawk? please help identify

    I'll second adult. Immatures generally have a much more checkered appearance on the front, as in more dark coloration that looks more messy -- this bird appears to have clean streaks down the front.
  7. Melierax

    Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Yup! That'd be it. Can't go without it
  8. Melierax

    Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I looked it up and apparently Arctic Circle in Salt Lake City came up with it... I think I've been to my local Arctic Circle once in my whole life.
  9. Melierax

    Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I seriously have no idea how you don't know about fry sauce. Over here it's mandatory with every order of fries . Am I alone in this? Maybe I should make a poll
  10. Melierax


    I had it ID'd by davidt and he said Summer Tanager...
  11. Melierax


    Yeah, the bill is too wide for a warbler.
  12. Melierax


    I know this is the worst angle, but I'm thinking Western. San Diego, a Summer Tanager has been hanging there for a while.
  13. Melierax

    Post your 2018 migrants

    WOW! Lifers/yearbirds, 4/16
  14. Melierax

    Need help 2 big birds ID Please

    Just thought I'd say a few things that distinguish between Osprey and Caracaras: Osprey have a single eye stripe, not reaching clear across the top of the head. In other words, Caracaras are capped and Osprey aren't. Also, Caracaras have those big yellow-green bases to their beaks, whereas Osprey have relatively small black beaks like Drake mentioned. Osprey have white reaching all the way to the undersides and the leggings.
  15. Melierax

    Monster Sharpie/Coop/???

    I would note that even in these photos where color is not very visible, this is still a Coop due to shape. Also, on the eBird bar charts, Northern Goshawks barely come to Tennessee and they have practically left there by now anyway. If that's not enough, the first photo I think shows enough of the head and its capped non-Goshawk nature to rule out Goshawk in any case. Psweet probably has some better points to go off of.