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  1. It's probably a Broad-winged since I have no experience with those .
  2. Looks like a Red-tailed Hawk to me.
  3. Just in time! Heard before seen of course There's a massive storm coming from the South... I bet that's why they're all showing up today.
  4. Bullock's Orioles are the most common in Idaho. I'm not aware of any others that live around here.
  5. lol Gotta love Idaho! Nah, it's not a lifer. They're pretty regular here as my yard is really good habitat for them. As far as I know he's still out there! I hope he sticks around.
  6. Confirmed!
  7. Wow, second rarity in two days: 1st State Record this year!
  8. I bet they're rare because people don't report them. You have to consider the scarcity of Idahoan birders
  9. As long as we're doing this... Birds I've held in the wild (all alive and not captured): Pine Siskin Red-winged Blackbird Brewer's Blackbird Cassin's Finch Red-breasted Nuthatch California Quail Black-billed Magpie Rufous Hummingbird Black-chinned Hummingbird Mountain Chickadee American Robin Killdeer European Starling White-crowned Sparrow House Finch Birds I've touched in some way or another, mainly by the bird biting me or something like that (also wild and not captured): Western Gull Canada Goose Mallard American Goldfinch Rock Dove Birds I've held not in the wild: Western Screech-Owl American Kestrel I'm sure I'm missing some, but that's a lot of them.
  10. Yup! I believe that means they're immature.
  11. MY BINOCULARS JUST CAME!!!! Yay, the eyepieces don't fall off and there isn't a hole in the focus knob and the rubber is actually attached to it It turns out they actually had to replace it entirely it was so broken . Yay for Lifelong Warranty!
  12. Oh yeah I didn't think about that! Agreed with Say's Phoebe.
  13. Definitely a juvenile bird. I can't help you on the ID though.
  14. Sounds like some sort of Gull.
  15. Double-crested Cormorant!