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  1. Today is my last day in Astoria.... I'm heading out to the South Jetty today to try for shorebirds again. When I had gone there several years ago, birds were EVERYWHERE. When I went just a few days ago, there wasn't anything at all. It looks like today may be a better bird day.
  2. Wow!!! Do they come down that far south?
  3. Congrats!! (I had that before you )
  4. THESE ARE BOTH BREWER'S Great-tailed Grackles are not common enough here. The tail is too short for any Grackles. Having seen both Common Grackles and Brewer's in Idaho, I can tell you for certain this is not a Grackle. About the bill, it may be deformed but I've seen some with large bills like this. Nevertheless, these are Brewer's Blackbirds.
  5. Says who? My California Quail love my mom's flower pots. I wouldn't doubt it if they nest in them this year.
  6. Nope. Less yellow. It might even be the most yellow-deprived Warbler of the west
  7. Not a Goldfinch (Lessers mob my feeders in the winter). The other bird is the one with only a little yellow.
  8. Ding ding ding! Hermit Warbler is correct. What about the other one?
  9. Verdin? On the northwest coast?
  10. Cool! Are you from Eastern Western or central Southern Idaho? I live in Central Southern Idaho and those Orioles are everywhere.
  11. Possibly quail? How big is it?
  12. Congrats! Did you get to hear them? They have the most pretty calls of the summer here IMO.
  13. No problem! (Outta likes....)
  14. Bushtits live by my house Nope. Keep guessing. One had lots of yellow, the other only a little.