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  1. Problems with starlings, blackbirds, and so on

    Any updates? Hope things are improving. I started tracking what birds I see during the different months and unfortunately the starlings do make their way to my yard in big numbers throughout the year. I just put less food out when I see them. Also, cardinals like to eat later so I'll put some good stuff out when I get home from work and usually the starlings are gone by then. I've never seen a starling reach through my caged feeders nor land on my finch feeder. But I do keep my feeders for the smaller birds away from my other regular feeders so I'm thinking that helps.
  2. Blue jays do not like the peanuts

    That's odd. What brand are you buying? I see several bluejays daily and a while back I bought a fifty pound bag of roasted peanuts for the first time (they smelled so good). The jays ate them right up. And they were from the feed mill so they were safe for birds. I read the roasted ones are easier for them to digest. Anyway, when I ran out the local feed mill told me they don't have the big bags anymore because they weren't selling so I switched back to the regular peanuts. The jays don't seem to mind the switch. They eat peanuts all day long. If I were you I'd try returning the bag you have and give that brand one more chance (with a new bag). If the jays don't touch them again then there's something wrong with that brand.
  3. Northern Flicker

    Hi Guys! I finally snapped a shot of a northern flicker visiting. This was taken a couple weeks ago. This bird visited three mornings in a row and went straight for the peanuts. It's a rare sighting for me so I always get excited when I see one.
  4. Goldfinches won't eat Nyjer

    Great news!!! I was just getting ready to ask what feeder you're using but it sounds like your problem is solved. I snapped this picture a couple weeks ago. Finches are one of my FAVS!
  5. Squirrels and buying a new feeder

    Where are you buying your seed at? Please don't tell me Lowes or HomeDepot. I can buy a 20lb to 50lb bag of corn from the feed mill for $10. That would feed the squirrels for months. 50lb bag of BOSS ranges from $19-$22. We can't control nature. You can buy some fancy $$$ feeders that will help, but if it were me, I'd just put a little on the ground for them. I have lots of ground feeders so I put millet, BOSS, and peanuts out. The squirrels eat on the ground and everyone goes home happy & full. I'm also with Charlie. I got two rat terriers. So when I see the squirrels taking over then I let the dogs out.
  6. I have three thistle feeders and when things get busy I bust out my Drolls Yankee 3' - 20 port feeder. I've seen sparrows use it at times, but I see way more finches using it. I took this picture a couple weeks ago.
  7. You could try black striped sunflower seeds. These shells are larger and much harder to crack compared to reg BOSS. I don't know if cowbirds and grackles can crack the shell though.
  8. please brag about your bulk seed to me :)

    I have lots of woodpeckers (downys, hairy, and red bellied) so they'll eat it. Unfortunately right now I have an increase in blackbirds so they may take this thing out in 24 hours. I've also seen smaller birds peck at it (I believe a wren has). I get lots of bluejays but I don't recall seeing them eat it as much as the woodpeckers enjoy it. I usually only put the nutsie treat out 3 or 4 times a year, and mostly in the colder months. I only bought one recently because I'm going on vacation and I wanted to put out extra for the birds since I know my hubby likely wont feed them as well as I do every morning lol.
  9. please brag about your bulk seed to me :)

    With shipping costs I don't see how anyone could save money buying BULK online. The older I get, the more I try to Buy local & Support local... I buy my bulk seed from my local feed mill and local nursery, both family owned. Prices change, but on 50 pound of BOSS I pay anywhere from $18-$22. I buy 50 pound bags of peanuts for around $50. I do get my thistle at Walmart only because the price is excellent and I've had issues with thistle at other places. I think I bought a 40 pound bag of millet for $16 a couple weeks ago (?) I can't remember the exact price but it was under $20. I also buy all my suet from the local feed mill. One of my favorite "treats" to put out is called Nutsie. I do buy this online from DrsFosterandSmith. My feed mill doesn't carry it. I did order something online once from the Tracker place that others have mentioned. They have good prices but I don't have an actual store by me. Everything I buy is USA except for the thistle.
  10. Bird feeder and grass

    I have a 20 port thistle feeder that is constantly used and there is a black mess beneath it (from the shells). The doves also feast on whatever falls. The grass has no chance where I'm at. I'm married to a landscaper but he knows not to cross my bird feeders lol.
  11. Nature takes it's course for baby finches.....

    Wow great pic. We use to get nests in our front porch wreath too but then I took it down for a while. I think these birds have a very difficult life from the beginning. From what I read in the past, very few actually make it to adulthood.
  12. Problems with starlings, blackbirds, and so on

    Hi. Check out the link below to Amazon. This is a caged feeder. Starlings and other blackbirds can't get in these so they are great for the smaller birds. Unfortunately cardinals can't fit in either. But I have two caged feeders out and get several small birds using them daily. https://www.amazon.com/Droll-Yankee-Green-Feeder-Domed/dp/B0007LQ2QS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497642827&sr=8-1&keywords=droll+yankee+caged+bird+feeders Also consider a true thistle feeder. You don't need a cage around these because the perches are much shorter so only smaller birds will land. I have this exact feeder and the finches love it. I've never seen a blackbird land on it either. https://www.amazon.com/Droll-Yankees-CJTHM36Y-36-Inch-20-Port/dp/B0009U7RGG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497642917&sr=8-2&keywords=droll+yankee+thistle+feeder They also make caged suet feeders. My favorite one and the one I own was purchased from DrsFoster and smith - see link below. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=27856 All the links I shared will help fight the black birds. I'm having many of them visit right now too so I understand your frustration. Others have suggested feeding only Safflower seed but I haven't tried this.
  13. How do I keep seed from germinating?

    Chaseman is right - stay away from Milo.. When you say milo, think of the end portion of the word "lo" and think "low quality" - you don't want milo because it's a cheap filler and birds usually skip it, especially if they have better options. Millet is fine. Milo is bad. Find a your local feed mill. That's where I buy 90% of my bird seed. It's much cheaper than the big box stores and for me, I'm helping support a small local business. If you're serious about feeding the birds then you need to buy in bulk (50 pound bags) - you'll save money in the long run. You originally asked "How do I keep seed from germinating?" - You can freeze it. When I buy 50 pound bags of black oil sunflower seed (BOSS) then I put the extra portion in the freezer. The freezer stops the seed from germinating. But if you decide to buy hulled/sunflower hearts without the shell, then you don't have to worry about this. I only buy sunflower hearts in the winter. I figure in the warmer months the birds can crack the shell. My favorite mix is 85% BOSS, 10% peanuts, 5% millet. I also have thistle and suet out. Good luck and let us know how it goes
  14. Blue jays

    lonestranger - thanks for sharing the pics! The visual helped me. I was getting the wreath feeders mixed up in my head. You are absolutely correct that bluejays can perch on the peanut hanging wreaths.. For some reason in my big blonde head I was picturing a seed wreath like the link below shows... But back to the OP, I agree if he is patient then sooner or later the jays should figure out the peanut wreath.. http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/Pine-Tree-Farms-Sun-Face-Wild-Bird-Seed-Wreath/0000000234037?utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=shopping%2Bsearch&utm_campaign=google%2Bproduct search&gslfah&gclid=Cj0KEQiAnb3DBRCX2ZnSnMyO9dIBEiQAOcXYH23NTKHQNn1KtOE1XlJxbGKQFQjbLaqzWMBAejw2J4waAgLn8P8HAQ lonestranger - do you know if bluejays can hang sideways onto the square basic suet feeders? This I have yet to see so I'm curious if others have witnessed this. Thanks!
  15. Where are my birds?

    Tclarkwood - Let us know if the birds increase with the snow. I started seeing a couple of Starlings recently. I'm hoping a huge gang doesn't show up. I'm seeing a huge increase in cardinals which I enjoy. The bluejays, doves, and woodpeckers are still showing up daily in strong numbers. I'm seeing chickadees, juncos, wrens, titmice, and nuthatches too. Here in St. Louis we just got our first snow yesterday (1/5/17). I felt so bad because I fed the birds a little late (7:30ish) and there were so many waiting for me. So this morning with temperatures around 10° I got outside around 6:30AM and beat the rush. Below are some pics. First pic shows a close up of my 3' finch feeder. I have to top it off daily!!! I also have two caged feeders for the smaller birds. Right now I'm filling it with 100% sunflower hearts. In the warmer weather I mix in BOSS. Second pic shows a partial view of my other feeding area. I have two years worth of xmas trees out to help with hawks... I don't know if they truly help but I'd like to think they do since they block some views for any hawks wanting to attack a ground feeding bird.