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  1. What little bird?

    Photographed this little bird today in Winnipeg.
  2. Little Warbler?

    Which warbler is this little bird? Photographed today in Winnipeg.
  3. Photographed this little bird in Winnipeg, today. Able to get more than one shot of it.
  4. Which warbler?

    Photographed this little bird today here in Winnipeg. I think its a warbler but not which kind.
  5. What little bird?

    Photographed this little bird here in Winipeg today.
  6. NW Ontario near Kenora (~4 weeks ago). Sunning itself on our deck.
  7. Two More Dragonfly Identities?

    Thank you. I am learning a lot about dragonflies.
  8. NW Ontario, near Kenora, next to a lake (3 weeks ago) These seemed to alight on the spruce trees well above ground level. I hope there is enough detaul to make an identity. A second one in the same location and time frame.
  9. Which Dragonfly?

    Thank you. The location is about 30 km NW of Kenora, which is about 30 km east of the Manitoba Ontario border, also, the actual loction was several kilometres from a lake. I am not sure that helps your identity more certain.
  10. NW Ontario a week ago. What variety?
  11. What Dragonfly?

    Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, I did not move around to capture it at 90 degrees to this shot.
  12. What Dragonfly?

    Warming itself in the sun. Near Kenora, NW Ontario
  13. Which Dragonfly

    Yes they are not the same individual dragonfly, however, they do have the same markings. I had deleted other photos of the dragonfly with the damged wing which showed a top down view of the it and the appropriate markings.
  14. Which Dragonfly

  15. Northern Parula-5007 by peter spencer, on Flickr Photographed this pretty bird last week near kenora, NW Ont.