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  1. hummingbird help

    Interesting! I definitely learned a lot! Thank you psweet, astrobirder, and zoutedrop!!!
  2. hummingbird help

    Thank you both! I think the most common ones in my area are rufous and ruby-throated. I just looked through my sibley book, and practically see no difference between rufous/allen's and ruby-throated/black-chinned. Is it not possible to identify them with the photos I have?
  3. hummingbird help

    These were taken in a hummingbird garden in New Orleans, LA in early February this year. I don't know how I could forget about them!! Thanks for the help! 1st bird. is this a female rufous? DSC_4119.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr 2nd bird. I mean the overall color is kinda rufous... DSC_4121.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr DSC_4123.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr 3rd bird. I don't know DSC_4109.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr DSC_4108.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr Thank you very much!
  4. Little marsh bird ID

    Thanks! That is a lifer!!! I actually just realized that I should look at nuthatches, and while I was turning pages of my field guide, you helped confirm my thought!
  5. new species!

    Yes! ummm maybe we'll run into each other some time? I just saw a male king rail today... one that is not hidden in grass, I am so excited!
  6. Hi! I saw this little bird this weekend in the marsh area in Big Branch Marsh NWR in Lacomb, LA (North shore of Lake Pontchartrain). Usually I have some clue which families to look into, but I had no idea about this little bird. Some help is really appreciated! DSC_5844.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr Thank you!
  7. new species!

    Thanks for confirming! I figured it looked more like pine warbler after I posted! So pine warbler is not a new species, but eastern kingbird certainly is!
  8. new species!

    All photos taken today in Lancomb, LA (north shore of Lake Pontchartrain ) 1. pretty sure it's an Eastern Kingbird DSC_5607.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr 2. I don't know what it is. Looks like an American goldfinch, but the bill looks too sharp for finch. some warbler? It was really far away. DSC_5623.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr Thank you very much!!! So excited today because I also got 2 other lifer: Eastern towhee and red-cockaded woodpecker! and got my first (although really bad) photo of red-headed woodpecker!
  9. brid help

    Thank you guys very much! Boat-tailed grackles they are! Still a new species for me so I'm just as excited
  10. male cardinal?

    15385249_10157856149955416_2188210748892778876_o by Wendy Deng, on Flickr Taken in Chicago, thanks!
  11. brid help

    I initially did identify it as boat-tailed because of the eye color but the supercilium is really contrasting. I read that all boat-tailed in Louisiana are dark-eyed. I also read that the juveniles of great-tailed have brown eyes, but the body doesn't look as contrasting.
  12. brid help

    Thanks, great-tailed grackle, common goldeneye, and song sparrow are new species to me! and I knew there was something odd with this "scaup"... should've thought about something else! I've never seen a lesser yellowlegs before either... neither did stilt sandpiper or dowitcher sp. (I know you weren't sure about these). With at least 3+ new species, I got too excited to sleep now!
  13. brid help

    1. Is this female great-tailed grackle? Taken today in New Orleans, LA DSC_5396.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr DSC_5387.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr This is a male I saw near by. I assume they are the same species? DSC_5356.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr 2. Greater yellowlegs? Taken today near New orleans, LA DSC_5264.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr Also greater yellowlegs? DSC_5207.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr 3. Really don't know these. Taken today near New Orleans, LA DSC_5199.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr 4. Song sparrow? Taken last week near New Orleans, LA DSC_5108.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr DSC_5106.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr 5. Female greater scaup? Taken today in New Orleans, LA DSC_4954.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr Thank you very very much for any help! I really appreciate!
  14. Thank you NooberBirder!
  15. Hi guys! This photo was taken last week in New Orleans, LA. I just wanted to confirm that this is a 1st winter ring-billed gull instead of a 2nd winter herring gull. Also, could anyone tell me how to distinguish the two? Thank you very much! Any help is really appreciated. DSC_3131.jpg by Wendy Deng, on Flickr