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  1. Everything in the SE (the circle shapes) is birds, the line crossing through MS, TN, KY, IL, and IN is thunderstorms (Anyone in that area may want to look for fallout tomorrow). The small dots around you are rain showers
  2. I got mine like a week ago
  3. I'm just gonna leave this here
  4. This guy actually went birding in North Korea
  5. Birds I've held: Chicken (cooked) Wild Turkey (domestic type) (cooked) Mallard (domestic type) (cooked)
  6. Pretty successful night tonight.
  7. Oh, I must have missed it
  8. In NC I got 3 lifers, Sandwich Tern Sedge Wren American Avocet Photos in checklist ^
  10. As someone once said. Remind us to update
  11. 5? At this rate she'll have 34 by June
  12. As far as I know no