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  1. Ducks and Juncos are both around (at least in VA) until April
  2. Looks like a normal American Wigeon
  3. Agree with Western. Note the back around the eye and the dark yellow bill.
  4. Agree with Common Tern
  5. Xantus's Hummingbird
  6. It's just Saltmarsh Sparrow (or Seaside Sparrow)
  7. Virginia's Warbler
  8. Northern Bobwhite
  9. Long-tailed Duck
  10. Jamaican Mango
  11. greenmagpie has learned time travel
  12. They reported 5,000,000 Northern Pintail.........
  13. Charlottesville yearbird Cooper's Hawk
  14. This list is birds common all over the country or in a good percentage of the country. White Ibis are ONLY common on the SE coast (Realistically NC down to TX).