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  1. Swainson's Hawk!
  2. There's no picture.
  3. That he was
  4. I think it's the lighting of the picture that "adds" some yellow.
  5. I think 4 could be a Blue Jay.
  6. Oops I meant Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Female! Lol, I was even thinking about the male I saw earlier today and still wrote Black-Headed, BHGR would be an incredible find.
  7. Wood Duck, appears to be a young male.
  8. Black Headed Grosbeak Female. Lincolns Sparrow. I think Chestnut-Sided Warbler. Spotted Sandpiper non breeding plumage.
  9. Yes that is indeed a European Starling, a Juvenile to be exact.
  10. That's an Egyptian Goose. They're not native to America but have breeding populations in Florida and Texas.
  11. Yep! That's an Eastern Meadowlark!
  12. Looks better for an Eastern Phoebe.
  13. Looks like a Northern Short-Tailed Shrew.
  14. Hi evamscott, Welcome to Whatbird! The best thing to do is to leave them alone, It's not always the easiest thing to do but "helping" could actually harm them. It's most likely the parents are around and feeding them when your not around.
  15. Woah! what a bunch of cool birds Adit! Congrats on all those lifers especially lifer 300!