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  1. 1-21-18 Our local House Sparrow with new colors, and a beard thing going on :
  2. Identify this bird?

    Check Ruby-crowned Kinglet . Edit : Where might I ask are you.
  3. ID Grosbeak

    From 8-25-17 near Mpls., MN - I would like to get an opinion of this bird, as I am not sure if it is a Black-headed or Rose-breasted and my field guides don't seem to be quite clear about it.
  4. Lunch

  5. 9-14-17 Near Mpls., MN The photo's are of the same bird.
  6. ID Hawk

    9-8-17 Near Mpls., MN Thanks,
  7. Birds from Delaware

    How about checking Orange-crowned Warbler for number three.
  8. Lunch