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  1. Got back from SEAZ today! Got 40 year birds and 16 lifers!

    1. Sean C.

      Sean C.

      Awesome! Congrats! :)

  2. California Gnatcatcher by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr' Indigo Bunting by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr
  3. SEAZ bound tomorrow! 2 days are for student orientation at my future school (U of A) and doing a mini road trip to several spots after that. 

  4. Looks like an adult Nazca Booby was seen near the Channel Islands today! Also 3 Cook's Petrels
  5. Nice!
  6. Got to 300 county year birds without including exotics today! It was Hairy Woodpecker. 

    1. MaxkewlBirder


      Basically I got one of my goals over with

  7. Added Bay-breasted Warbler
  8. Cape May Warbler at Famosa Slough this afternoon around 5:30 pm. A LA birder found it I believe. Just saw it on the eBird media unconfirmed part for San Diego County. Nice male bird. I might go tomorrow afternoon, but I hope it does stick around.
  9. Seems like migration in the west is a lot later than last year. San Diego County has been getting amazing birds the past 2 weeks like White-eyed Vireo, Northern Parulas, American Redstart, Indigo Bunting, Bay-breasted Warbler, and now Cape May Warbler

  10. Went to the San Bernardino Mountains with the California Young Birders Club last weekend and I got my main target which was Mexican Whip-Poor-Will! We got to see a Mountain Quail with some babies at one spot which was cool. Got some year birds as well. Great trip and lots of hiking even though some spots weren't the best, we went to new areas I haven't been to before. Also, this is technically my last real week in high school before we have senior week the following week!
  11. Agree with Hutton's Vireo. This is the White-eyed Vireo in town White-eyed Vireo by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr
  12. White-eyed Vireo by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr Thanks to @JimBob for finding this bird. Like he said above, me and another birder relocated it nearby and it eventually sang for us all a little south of the spot.
  13. Depends for shearwaters. Probably if sitting on the water they wouldn't be visible from shore. Whale watching trips and pelagic trips are almost automatic guarantees for those
  14. From the Channel Islands last weekend. Island Scrub-Jay by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr Island Fox by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr