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  1. Lol to the username, location, and comment
  2. Agree with Golden Eagle
  3. Not everyday you see a grouse cross right in front of your car. The comment under the second photo is great as well. Same person again still reporting House Sparrows as Black-throated Sparrows. Lol counting zoo birds I see at my favorite zoo and well known San Diego Zoo. Found another one from the zoo today. If this one was already on this page then I will delete it.
  4. Double-crested Cormorant by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr Brandt's Cormorant by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr
  5. Got lucky today when I was photographing random Scoters in flight and came up with 2 distant Black Scoters. Just like I came up with a Long-tailed Duck in my photos this month

  6. I found a Zone-tailed Hawk today in Ramona!

  8. Agree with Western Tanager
  9. Added Brown Booby, Black-vented Shearwater, Pomarine Jaeger, and Parasitic Jaeger
  10. Bald Eagle by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr
  11. My Scissor-tailed Flycatcher photo before I edited it by adding some saturation to it got used for my county's rarity monthly report/article! 

    1. MaxkewlBirder


      The article is too big as a PDF to fit. 

  12. Yeah. I have a four day weekend since I have no school tomorrow and next Monday.
  13. I agree as well. Amazing shot
  14. Tricolored Heron by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr Yellow-crowned Night-Herons by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr