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  1. I saw a Dark morph Swainson's in Colorado recently that looked very similar to that hawk and I agree with the ID of Swainson's Hawk for TowheeTea's one.
  2. Maybe the turkey wanted coffee. Would of been better if the sighting was in the morning. Not as good as the Bobcat under Wild Turkey with an interesting description though
  3. Looks like a Harrier to me as well as what SEOW said and the most recent photo.
  4. Agree with House Finch
  5. Agree with Red-tailed
  6. White Wagtail from Yesterday! White Wagtail!!! by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr
  7. I would Broad-winged Hawk as well
  8. Confirmed. Cool
  9. Well this morning I got an eBird report of a White Wagtail being seen at a public spot and not a surprise I went since it was on the way to where I volunteer at. One point when I was there, up to 35 SD County birders were there and that total number of birders at one spot hasn't happened in years. Amazing lifer even if it was distant. A couple of excellent birders figured it out that this bird was the same individual seen on military land a few days ago that is about 40 miles north of this spot. It was even a county bird for Guy McCaskie who some of you have heard of. His response was the best thing I heard today when I was there. He said "Great" that it was the first chaseable San Diego County record of a White Wagtail! White Wagtail!!! by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr White Wagtail!!! by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr White Wagtail!!! by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr
  10. Added White Wagtail!
  11. White Wagtail from today. White Wagtail!!! by Max Leibowitz, on Flickr
  12. Cool! Chasing for it?
  13. Interesting fact is that Shaquille O'Neal's son is going to the University of Arizona to play basketball and probably go pro after that!! Maybe I will meet him! Not likely tho, but who knows. 

  14. Also Florida had a La Sagra's Flycatcher Today in the same county, but not at the same spot as the Bahama Mockingbird and Western Spindalis
  15. SD County has gotten 2 recently. One being an adult Red-footed Booby (this time not a released rehab bird) seen on Easter and on Monday. A White Wagtail showed up on April 19th for less than 10 minutes on military land.