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  1. Life list creating

    I have been a bird watcher for over 5 decades. I have accumulated a long life list, but it consists of checkmarks in a Peterson's bird guide. And while still serviceable, it is also decades old and starting to show its wear and tear from being rained on, bouncing around in my pack, etc. I have recently purchased iBird Plus and really enjoy it. I want to create a life list in a way that should something happen, it isn't lost forever, as would happen if I drop my Peterson field guide in the river. I created a link in iBird Plus to my DropBox account and added a bird just to see what would happen. I went to my DropBox account and saw that the list was there, opened the list and just saw some lines of code. Maybe this is supposed to be what happens, but it doesn't seem to help me keep and preserve my list. Alright, enough of a preamble. I see that my iBird has a link entitled Journal, so I clicked it and it basically said that I need to purchase iJournal. This is fine, I just would like to know the best way to start. It is easier to start correctly than to try to go back and correct things later. My main goal is to keep a life list. I searched that topic and the response that came up was from 2012, so I am going to post again since I figure a lot has changed since then. I have a lot of sightings already. I won't be going back to some of the places where I originally saw some of the birds. So, can I manually go through and add birds I have already seen, and how do I best do this. There won't be much information to add except to note the sighting. Once done, it seems like additional sightings are relatively easy to add within Journal. Then, is this list viewable in anything other than iBird Journal, i.e. does it keep the database somewhere safe and can you interact with it on from my web browser? Thanks.