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  1. NooberBirder

    surf or white-winged?-Michigan

    @MerMaeve Kensington Metropark
  2. NooberBirder

    surf or white-winged?-Michigan

    i still think its a first year female white-winged. anyone else?
  3. NooberBirder

    surf or white-winged?-Michigan

    2 more shots. i think maybe a shot of white secondaries on the first one? IMG_6914 by Wade Wines, on Flickr IMG_6899 by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  4. Today at 2:00 pm in Southeastern, Michigan. Either would be a lifer. I'm leaning white-winged from review of Sibleys. Pics are zoomed in over 100x-poor quality. thanks! White-winged Scoter? by Wade Wines, on Flickr IMG_6905 by Wade Wines, on Flickr IMG_6906 by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  5. NooberBirder

    Warbler, vireo?

    Sibley does a good job on the undertail pattern and palm warbler does seem to be the only one to fit with the yellowish undertail coverts. Thanks Bird Nuts!
  6. NooberBirder

    Warbler, vireo?

    Poor lighting. Southeast Michigan, yesterday. Yellow undertail coverts really struck me https://flic.kr/p/YPDTzv
  7. NooberBirder

    Help ID this duck?

    Wood Duck
  8. NooberBirder


    i dont think its a yellow warbler. i tried to lighten it up some and it looks like it might be a nashville but i'd wait for someone with more expertise.
  9. NooberBirder


    I took these 4 days ago in southeastern michigan. i originally thought it was a pine warbler but now i think the legs look more pink. it has 2 white wing bars. any other candidates? fall warblers are tough. any descriptions of why this is what and what to look for in the future are appreciated. Blackpoll? by Wade Wines, on Flickr Blackpoll? by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  10. NooberBirder

    Common tern

    I'd say common as well
  11. NooberBirder

    Passerine in southern Ontario

    I vote Bay-breasted warbler
  12. NooberBirder


    could be a vireo i guess. it was down low near the ground in some shrubs with the rest of the warblers tho. oh well
  13. NooberBirder

    Help w/Another Warbler ID

    Sibleys is what most people seem to settle on after buying 4-5 different ones lol
  14. NooberBirder


    got lucky and stumbled upon a few dozen warblers and thrushes today while walking through the woods. most were easily id'able but the light was poor and found this one on my camera. Blackpoll? by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  15. NooberBirder

    Least Sandpiper?

    Thanks psweet. Really appreciate your detailed response. Why isn't it a pec, if you have time?