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  1. No but I looked for the darker tip through the glass and really couldn't see one.
  2. Came back this morning and was able to get some more clear pics. The crown seems to contrast too much with the cheek for me to call it a redhead.
  3. dang. was really hoping someone could turn it into a scoter. thanks!
  4. looks like a baltimore oriole to me as well
  5. looks like Swainson's, with that prominent eye ring
  6. looks good for an Eastern Wood-Pewee
  7. anyone else?
  8. Here are some more shots. quality isnt the greatest as its early AM and extremely zoomed. thanks IMG_5643 by Wade Wines, on Flickr ??? by Wade Wines, on Flickr ?? by Wade Wines, on Flickr ?? by Wade Wines, on Flickr ? by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  9. I took this early this morning on my lake in southeast Michigan. I first thought female black scoter but then settled on Redhead. Merlin is telling me it is in fact a black scoter. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the replies on a new lifer!
  11. I think you are right on both!
  12. Here is a 3rd pic of it looking right on if that helps.
  13. I thought veery as well until I looked at the pics. Merlin calls it a gray-cheeked which is what I initially thought looking at the pics.
  14. Only one I've ever seen is a hermit and those are obvious. which one did i find today? thrush by Wade Wines, on Flickr thrush by Wade Wines, on Flickr it looks like a veery in the 2nd pic but i think it might be the rising sun?
  15. Chipping Sparrow?