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  1. Seem to be more Trumpeters than Tundras these days in Michigan. have seen a boatload of trumpeters and have yet to confirm a tundra. There is no clear yellow spot, but the eye stands alone, the border appears rounded and there is a curve at the gape. was also noticeably smaller than the mute swans it was associating with. tundra? by Wade Wines, on Flickr tundra? by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  2. I'm deferring on the 2nd scaup as it is very washed out and difficult to discern head shape. It looks more like a lesser in the first photo. Green winged teal also note in the teal photo there are several shovelers in the background. A rarity in Michigan right now. Where in Michigan were these taken?
  3. Confirmed
  4. Really looks like a young snow goose to me with the grin patch and feathering.
  5. For ebird purposes do I add this as domestic greylag or domestic goose? Both come up as rare in the area and want to make sure I log it right.
  6. Google searched American buff and I agree with you that's what it is. Thanks!
  7. There is a domestic section in Sibleys that has greylag hybrids. I thought this one looked like the domestic graylag x swan goose
  8. Which domestic is this? I can't seem to differentiate it in Sibleys. Taken on Huron River in Michigan with about 150 other Canada Geese. There have been Snow Geese and Greater White Fronted in the same area lately as well. Domestic goose? by Wade Wines, on Flickr Domestic goose by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  9. Correct, Michigan.
  10. the eye looks to be sitting alone, but the bills look straight.. Tundra? by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  11. A gallinule of some kind on the shore? Pied billed grebe not sure the third duck.
  12. my first Snowy. last week! Snowy Owl by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  13. I see Tundra Swans, Canada geese, GWFG. I can't tell if those are Ross or Snow Geese from these shots. Someone else might be able to help. Edit: I brought up on the Computer and I think they are def Ross's Goose in the first pic.
  14. I agree with ring billed. Generally, 2nd winter herrings don't show this much gray and have a slightly different tail patterb
  15. Yes yes horned lark Red-tailed? I think another horned lark