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  1. I see Tundra Swans, Canada geese, GWFG. I can't tell if those are Ross or Snow Geese from these shots. Someone else might be able to help. Edit: I brought up on the Computer and I think they are def Ross's Goose in the first pic.
  2. I agree with ring billed. Generally, 2nd winter herrings don't show this much gray and have a slightly different tail patterb
  3. Yes yes horned lark Red-tailed? I think another horned lark
  4. Thanks ahead of time. These are all extremely zoomed in. I caught this I believe Buteo about 30 minutes before sunset earlier today. Both in Michigan, today 1.15.2017 1. IMG_4140 by Wade Wines, on Flickr IMG_4139 by Wade Wines, on Flickr 2. When I saw this closer, it looked like a Rusty Blackbird. By the time I had grabbed my camera it had flown quite a ways off and was at the top of the tallest tree around. Now I think i see wing bars. maybe not the same bird i had glanced at. ?? by Wade Wines, on Flickr ? by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  5. Proly a juvenile Swainson's Hawk.
  6. Ruddy Turnstone i think
  7. the head shape and the bill just look so much different than the one behind it. i agree thats probably what it is though
  8. taken in southeast michigan
  9. Had a good day today...adding 12 species to my year list, mostly waterfowl. was hoping to get some input on the duck in the center of this pic. 2 female hooded mergansers above it, then a common goldeneye female. is the next bird another common goldeneye female that just looks different? also present at this location were multiple redheads and ring-neckeds. thanks! duck in middle under goldeneye by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  10. Oversight on my part. That is a female redhead
  11. Agree w/ immature or female surf scoter
  12. Female redhead
  13. Double post
  14. 5 is a white throated Sparrow. Rest are correct
  15. Pelagic cormorant western grebe brown creeper