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  1. dang. was really hoping someone could turn it into a scoter. thanks!
  2. looks like a baltimore oriole to me as well
  3. looks like Swainson's, with that prominent eye ring
  4. looks good for an Eastern Wood-Pewee
  5. anyone else?
  6. Here are some more shots. quality isnt the greatest as its early AM and extremely zoomed. thanks IMG_5643 by Wade Wines, on Flickr ??? by Wade Wines, on Flickr ?? by Wade Wines, on Flickr ?? by Wade Wines, on Flickr ? by Wade Wines, on Flickr
  7. I took this early this morning on my lake in southeast Michigan. I first thought female black scoter but then settled on Redhead. Merlin is telling me it is in fact a black scoter. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the replies on a new lifer!
  9. I think you are right on both!
  10. Here is a 3rd pic of it looking right on if that helps.
  11. I thought veery as well until I looked at the pics. Merlin calls it a gray-cheeked which is what I initially thought looking at the pics.
  12. Only one I've ever seen is a hermit and those are obvious. which one did i find today? thrush by Wade Wines, on Flickr thrush by Wade Wines, on Flickr it looks like a veery in the 2nd pic but i think it might be the rising sun?
  13. Chipping Sparrow?
  14. I should know this one but can't place it. Heard this morning. Background noise is highway. Thanks!
  15. i see a spotted sandpiper and a lesser yellowlegs. not sure on the other 2