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  1. Central AL birds

    dI have 2 birds I can't ID. Central Alabama both in early July. The yellow/gold bird hit our window and died, In my hurry to protect him from my dog, I forgot to photograph his back. Small bird, maybe 4" long. The orange tinge under wings confuses me, but the only yellow birds I have regularly are goldfinches & I don't think it's that. Second. bird south of Birmingham in industrial area. About 6" tall. Closest I can find is a shrike, but have never seen one. thanks!
  2. S. Louisiana bird

    Saw this singer at Bayou Sauvage NWR east of New Orleans on June 5 this year. Can't ID it, but know one of you can. Thx
  3. Adding My Photos

    I can't find a way to "add" or import more than one photo from my library at the same time into My Photos. The only way I have found to add photos is to scroll, choose one; back to add, scroll, choose another, etc. I have 100’s to add! Surely I'm missing something!