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  1. Blackbird

    Hi! It's a blackbird with a yellow eye. How do I pick between Brewer's and Rusty? Observed today in Eastern Nebraska.
  2. Nebraska Shorebird

    Thank you, redcoot!
  3. Nebraska Shorebird

    Could you please help me with this shorebird? Observed today (Sunday) in Eastern Nebraska.
  4. Unknown Sparrow

    This bird was observed in my yard today in Nebraska. Thank you!
  5. These observations are all from this morning in Eastern Nebraska. 1. Some type of flycatcher? 2. There are two birds in this audio recording. Some kind of vireo (close by) and a pewee (further off)? https://www.flickr.com/photos/37795954@N03/36339964424/in/photostream/
  6. Warblers? + Song

    These were all observed this morning in eastern Nebraska. 1. This first one is, I think, an orange-crowned warbler?? 2. ?? 3. Trilling Birdsong? https://flic.kr/p/XYYSQK
  7. Goldfinches?

    These two birds are two different individuals, but I think they might be the same species. They were observed yesterday in middle Nebraska. My first thought was female goldfinches, but they have yellowish tails.....?
  8. Unknown Owl

    My mother-in-law actually took this picture when she was visiting us. She remembers that the owl seemed smaller than a regular owl. Which, of course, it would be if it were a fledgling.... I looked up some pictures of Northern Saw Whet Owl fledglings. They seemed very dark, overall, compared to the one in the photo.
  9. Unknown Owl

    This picture was taken long before I became interested in birds. I don't remember what time of year it was, although there are leaves on the tree. I can tell you that the location was north-central South Dakota.
  10. These birds were observed this morning in Missouri. Habitat was near a woody stream. 1. I think this is an Eastern Phoebe? 2. This one we never got a glimpse of, but we listened to it singing for some time. My son was in charge of the recording, and he unfortunately had too much fun with the "pause" button, so I don't think we got the song in its entirety..... (Please say it's a waterthrush!) Unknown Birdsong
  11. Kentucky birds

    Thank you all so much! Those are both life birds!
  12. Kentucky birds

    We birded this morning in Louisville, Kentucky. We're having trouble identifying these two birds: 1. This one looks like a shrike but doesn't have the black mask....... 2. This one was hopping around in the low bushes and wouldn't much sit still for my camera.
  13. Shorebirds in Nebraska

    These were all observed this morning in eastern Nebraska. Thank you for your help! 1. Greater or Lesser Yellowlegs? 2. The three big ones. Godwit? 3. This was the only peep close enough to get a decent picture.
  14. Unknown Sparrow

    Thank you, both! Kadynn, I think I've seen your name on ebird lists in the area..... Hello! from Lincoln.
  15. Unknown Sparrow

    This bird was observed this morning in eastern Nebraska. Thank you for any help you can give!