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    Hiking with my German Shepherd a wee bit of birding[quite the casual amateur but enjoy it] and photography on every hike.

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    Hi, I saw this hawk yesterday in Orono, Minnesota,please help me with ID ? Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/hR2qp
  2. Mallard Or?

    Seen yesterday in Minnesota on open river with many other ducks,the head looks so much darker then a mallard,and the beak seems almost reversed in the orange/black pattern to black/orange.Thank You ! https://imgur.com/a/sCFhX

    I finally figured out how to put in photos....I started this question yesterday without a photo posted,hope the link works,first time trying. Saw two of these on river in Minnesota yesterday with swans.Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/hR2qp
  4. Duck Id help

    Hi, How did you get the link loaded,I want to put a photo on here and can't shrink it down enough no matter what I try. Thanks,Loon Swan
  5. I saw two geese in with many swans on the open river in Minnesota today, Told they were speckled geese but they not as brown. They have an orange bill with some black on it and at the tip,the base by the face does have a white ring.Brown on top of head extending only to middle of eyes,eyes have a yellow/orange ring around them and look like they might have red eyes. Neck on the front and chest white,feet and legs orange. I have great photos but....I can't get them small enough to load here,I used to be able to but have they changed the size allowed as I have them shrunk way down and still can't load them here. Is there another Bird ID site that takes larger files? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I saw this bird yesterday in a wetland area, it's in the same location I saw a Sora three times so at first assumed that 's what it was but thought something looked a bit different. When I looked at the photo I took, I noted a long beak that is orange and realized it wasn't the Sora again. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I'm seeing many wrens in a wetland area,in the cattails and bushes,the birds in the first two photos seem larger then the one in last photo,I'm thinking it is a young one? The area is in Minnesota, [Orono] this week. Thanks!
  8. What type of Wren?

    Hi, I saw these Wrens in a wetland area,the one in the first two photos seemed a lot large then some of the others,perhaps chick in last pic?rThere are several of them in the cattails and shrubs. This in Minnesota this past week. Please assist with what type of Wren? Thanks!
  9. Young Coot?

    I have enjoyed all the comments on my question,I feel so foolish thinking it was a coot,but all I saw and heard in the reeds were coots. It was so difficult to get a photo of due to the reeds and it kept sticking it's head in the water.....finally I had a clear shot was about to shoot and a large muskrat swam up and scared it off. I was so worried it was going to be eaten. [goggle search indicates that's not what muskrats would eat] My dog is a bit bored with me taking her down the same trail every day looking for it! [saw it twice] Anyone living in MN I can tell you where it is exactly.
  10. Young Coot?

    Thanks so much,as much as I hike many wetland areas here,I have never seen one before or even heard them spoken of here.
  11. Young Coot?

    Hi, I saw this in a wetland twice,the area has a lot of water right now due to rain so it was able to swim about. I hear/see coots in the area,could this be a young one? Seen in Orono,Minnesota today,5/28. Thanks!
  12. What Warbler is this?

    I appreciate your responses so much, this is unfortunately probably the last Warbler I'll see till spring. [ except for a trip to Cayman Brac this winter] Warmly, Loonswan
  13. I saw this yesterday near a large pond in Minnesota,thought it might be a Yellow- rumped but the head/facial markings look a bit different? Thanks!
  14. Thank You for the information,I appreciate it!
  15. I live in Minnesota,there is a small lake/large pond I walk around daily [half mile around] and there have been a pair of Trumpeter Swans that have been flying in daily, [usually one at a time] they feed a few hours and then leave. Now,they are both on the lake with four very young cygnets, I'm 100 % sure where they came from as the family was seen on another small lake and disappeared the day they showed up on this one.[it is also the closet water source in the area] This is about a half mile distance of dense wetlands without any sort of trail or path [not even muskrat waterways] I can't even see the parents getting through on foot,and the cygnets are so small,the posted photo was taken 5 days after they appeared so even smaller then. Could they make the walk? Would the parents carry them that far on their backs? Thanks!