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  1. This group is always hard for me and I would like confirmation taken today near Houston Thanks in advance
  2. taken yesterday near Houston same individual thanks in advance
  3. Buteos

    some of these may be the same individual. taken near Houston, yesterday Thanks in advance 1. 2. 3.
  4. taken yesterday near Houston, thanks in advance
  5. Buteo

    swainson's hawk? taken today near Houston, Tx thanks in advance
  6. I am not that familiar with this and the angle hides some field marks so I would love some confirmation. I founded today in a park near Houston where it has been heard in the past days. Thanks in advance
  7. The pictures are horrible but I am hoping somebody may have enough to ID. I have also added one more picture as a bonus in case somebody feels brave. Thanks a lot! pictures taken near Galveston 1. White-rumped sandpiper? Dunlins? both? 2. Bonus. anybody?
  8. Low light pictures

    You guys are awesome. for number #2 Do you think that is a mixed flock? could there be differences is size (especially the two in the middle)?
  9. I need any help with ID for any of the pictures. Thanks for those brave enough to try taken today near Houston 1. 2. 3.
  10. Taken yesterday in Galveston. TX same individual Thanks in advance
  11. Warbler

    Pictures are horrible and not very helpful but you guys are terrific so I hope that I will get some clues Taken today near Houston, Tx. Same individual. Thanks in advance
  12. Greater Scaup?

    I though it was a lesser but I am not so sure now, the size of the beak makes me doubt. Images are horrible but they were taken was towards the end of the day. Same individual. taken yesterday near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  13. common loon?

    Not familiar with how common loons molt. I would appreciate any comment pictures taken today in Galveston, TX thanks!
  14. common tern?

    Ok, so let's try with the one below, front: common, back: foster's?
  15. common tern?

    the one in the middle is noticeably darker, has the right markers in the head and beak and has shorter legs when compared to the nearby foster's, enough for common? taken today in matargorda, texas thanks in advance