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  1. taken today near Houston Thanks in advance
  2. Sparrows-Houston

    I need some confirmations and IDs. All pictures were taken today Thanks in advance 1. Song Sparrow 2. Female White-crowned? 3. Another Female White-crowned? 4. Vesper sparrow? 5. Another vesper sparrow?
  3. ducks

    The one in the far right is obviously a ring-necked but how about the other three? picture taken last week near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  4. Least Sandpiper?

    In the field it seemed to me too big for a least but the green legs are quite clear and I can't think of anything else. I would like some confirmation. Thanks in advance Taken today in Galveston, TX
  5. taken today in Galveston, TX, thanks in advance
  6. Common Terns?

    taken today in Galveston, TX Thanks in advance
  7. Harris Sparrow?

    Yep!, best day ever for sparrows! and in addition to these I got savannah, song, white-throated and white-crowned = 8 species in the same spot in less that 45 minutes ... and I missed the grasshopper and the leConte's sparrows that were seen by another birder in the same spot once I left. So much fun! https://www.flickr.com/photos/141439943@N08/
  8. Harris Sparrow?

    taken today near Houston, Tx Thanks in advance
  9. Field Sparrow?

    taken today near Houston, Tx Thanks in advance
  10. Lincoln Sparrow?

    taken today near Houston, TX Thanks in advance
  11. Vesper Sparrow?

    taken today near Houston?
  12. Asking too much?

    These are ll either difficult or the picture makes ID really hard. Any help on any of them would be very much appreciated. All taken near Houston within the last week. Thanks in advance 1. Is my labeling right? 2. What are the two fellows along side the Shovelers? 3. Any of these two could be a Western Meadowlark? 4. Lesser or Greater Black-backed Gull? 5. Need ID 6. How many different gulls are present there? 7. Lincoln's Sparrow?
  13. Sparrows

    taken today near Houston thanks in advance 1. Vesper Sparrow 2. Vesper Sparrow? 3. Song sparrow
  14. taken today in Houston. Thanks in advance
  15. taken yesterday in Houston, TX thanks in advance