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  1. Taken today in Houston, same individual Thanks in advance
  2. The pictures are awful hence the need to hear your comments taken yesterday near Houston Thanks in advance 1. Red-taied Hawk? 3. Ring-billed Gull?
  3. Chipping sparrow

    taken today near San Antonio, Tx thanks in advance
  4. Gadwall?

    I initially scored these two as gadwalls but looking at the picture I am not sure any more. Any comment will be appreciated. Taken today near Houston Thanks in advance
  5. taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  6. pictures taken today near Houston, Tx thanks in advance 1. Cooper's Hawk' 2. Lesser Scaup 3. Ring-billed gull 4. GreaterYellowlegs
  7. Taken yesterday near Victoria, TX thanks in advance 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I think the one in the middle is it is a greater 6. Top one a greater? 7. 8.
  8. taken yesterday in Goliad State Park, Texas thanks in advance
  9. taken this week in Galveston, TX Thanks in advance
  10. taken in Galveston, Tx this week thanks in advance,
  11. Sparrow

    Vesper Sparrow? taken today near Houston, thanks in advance
  12. Raptor

    Harris's Hawk? immature? taken today near Houston thanks in advance. All of you are terrific
  13. Sedge Wren

    I need confirmation for these two. taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  14. I need conformation for this lifer, thanks in advance. Pictures taken near Houston today
  15. Raptor

    Taken today near Galveston, TX. Thanks in advance
  16. taken today near Houston Thanks in advance
  17. Raptor

    About the bird, here is another look at it
  18. Raptor

    it is actually a 155, here is the link http://www.fortwiki.com/Battery_155_-_Quintana
  19. Elegant Tern?

    I went to this location in Texas where multiple birders have reported this rare bird in this side of the country. Could this one be it?
  20. lifer, I would like confirmation. Taken today near Galveston, TX Thanks in advance
  21. did I get them right? taken today near Galveston, TX thanks in advance A. B. C.
  22. Surf scoter confirmation

    Awesome!, here is another picture in case it helps
  23. Sparrows-Houston

    I need some confirmations and IDs. All pictures were taken today Thanks in advance 1. Song Sparrow 2. Female White-crowned? 3. Another Female White-crowned? 4. Vesper sparrow? 5. Another vesper sparrow?
  24. ducks

    The one in the far right is obviously a ring-necked but how about the other three? picture taken last week near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  25. Least Sandpiper?

    In the field it seemed to me too big for a least but the green legs are quite clear and I can't think of anything else. I would like some confirmation. Thanks in advance Taken today in Galveston, TX