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  1. Greater Scaup?

    I though it was a lesser but I am not so sure now, the size of the beak makes me doubt. Images are horrible but they were taken was towards the end of the day. Same individual. taken yesterday near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  2. Warbler

    Pictures are horrible and not very helpful but you guys are terrific so I hope that I will get some clues Taken today near Houston, Tx. Same individual. Thanks in advance
  3. common tern?

    the one in the middle is noticeably darker, has the right markers in the head and beak and has shorter legs when compared to the nearby foster's, enough for common? taken today in matargorda, texas thanks in advance
  4. common loon?

    Not familiar with how common loons molt. I would appreciate any comment pictures taken today in Galveston, TX thanks!
  5. common tern?

    Ok, so let's try with the one below, front: common, back: foster's?
  6. taken yesterday near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  7. not really, the only one is the one below and you can't barely see anything.
  8. taken this past week near Galveston TX, thanks in advance Also, as a bonus, I am attaching a hard-to-tell photos from gulls and terns at a distance. I am learning to distinguish them in rough conditions and I would appriacte if you could comments or confirm any of my IDs. I am specially interested in your opinions about the common terns. thanks!
  9. Could this be my long sought Western Meadowlark? or it just an immature/juvenile? I think I see enough yellow in the malar to call it western. It also has pale coloring and light centers and barring in the tail feathers. this one also looks to me as a western, although I am not sure if it is the same individual shown above
  10. Western or Eastern Meadowlark?

    Sorry, it was taken near Houston, last week
  11. taken this week near galveston, TX thanks in advance! you guys are fantastic 1. greater 2. Lesser 3. Greater (left) lesser (right) 4. both greater? 5. Lesser 6. greater 7. Lesser 8. Greater (Left) and Lesser (right) 9. lesser
  12. taken today in San Bernard NWR, Southeast Texas Thanks in advance
  13. I am pretty sure is a bonaparte but I would like confimration. Taken today near Galveston, TX thanks in advance
  14. Raptor

    looks like an immature to me. Taken today near Houston, tx thanks in advance
  15. Impossible

    awesome day but hard for photos. All taken today near the Beaumont, TX thanks in advance 1. Juvenile Bald eagle? 2. Least sandpiper?
  16. Impossible

    Thanks! peep size, really tiny
  17. taken today in Warbler woods, near San Antonio, TX 1.American Krestel -juvenile 2. Cooper's Hawk
  18. Hutton Vireo?

    taken today in Warbler Woods near San Antonio, Tx, Reported last week in the same location Fingers crossed! Would be a lifer.
  19. Chipping Sparrow

    taken today in Warbler woods near San Antonio, TX Plenty of chipping sparrows around butI saw these along with them. Are they first winter?
  20. taken today at Houston thanks in advance
  21. taken on Thursday in Galveston, TX Thanks in advance
  22. Taken today in Houston, same individual Thanks in advance
  23. The pictures are awful hence the need to hear your comments taken yesterday near Houston Thanks in advance 1. Red-taied Hawk? 3. Ring-billed Gull?
  24. Chipping sparrow

    taken today near San Antonio, Tx thanks in advance
  25. Gadwall?

    I initially scored these two as gadwalls but looking at the picture I am not sure any more. Any comment will be appreciated. Taken today near Houston Thanks in advance