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  1. SEAZ quick trip recap

    What a great Trip Report! Thanks for sharing. I hope to hit a few of these spots on my upcoming trip. I'm going with 2 non-birders & don't know how much they will endure. I am leaving Dallas on 10/14 headed to Durango, the 4 corners, The Grand Canyon, down to Patagonia, then either to Las Cruces-Roswell-Dallas or Las Cruces-El Paso-Dallas. We don't have a specific path carved out so what are the best places this time of year to possibly see the most birds? Having trouble finding cabins at state parks but sure to find motels. eBird sorted by October is not very successful for much of SE AZ. Some places may have 1 contributor that year for Oct. The easier the paths/trails, the better.
  2. please brag about your bulk seed to me :)

    And the 8 pack of suet cakes for $7. Just saw you said this but can't figure out how to delete a post.
  3. please brag about your bulk seed to me :)

    I can't drive so I order the 40lb bags of BOSS for $18, the Wild Feed & Seed for $15 both by Pennington & a bag of safflower all from Walmart. It puts me just over $35 which gets me free shipping. I mix it all together in a big Rubbermaid & it lasts a while. I feel terrible because I have a tiny UPS driver but I don't have many options. I wouldn't guess it's cost effective but will take advantage as long as I can!
  4. Where to hang a suet cage.

    That's a good idea too! I saw those but didn't want to buy the pellets. I don't have dogs, only cats. I have to hang everything really low because I'm in a wheelchair but it doesn't slow the birds down at all even with the cats going outside!! Never noticed my cats showing an interest in what falls but will take notice. Thanks!!
  5. Where to hang a suet cage.

    Oh, just like you described, got it!! ha I will see if I get any new birds this year with some of these feeders. The orange-crowned warblers, ruby-crowned kinglets & woodpeckers went nuts for my cheap suet in the cheap hangers. Dinner & a ride on windy days. I tried hulled sunflowers but the chickadees only visit it on slim occasions when the other feeders are empty. Nothing likes that feeder so I will try them in a different one. Hopefully some new additions to the food & feeders will bring the nuthatches & titmice!! Thanks!
  6. Fall Migration

    Those are house finches and I'm sure they will be back. It comes in waves sometimes and who knows why. Dove season just started unfortunately and it seems like they have been hiding. It seems like the more that visit, the more they attract and the less that come the less think it's a good place to eat. That's just what I've noticed. I don't change much and they always find it soon enough!
  7. Where to hang a suet cage.

    I have a huge starling problem as well. I limit the suet to the winters because of it. Do you have a picture of your log with the feeders? My suet feeders are very low but doesn't slow the birds down at all. I especially want to attract nuthatches and titmice (titmouses?) Everyone seems to see them at feeders around here but I still haven't! Any suggestions?
  8. Fall Migration

    I'm in Plano and they need the water desperately. Those are actually house sparrows. Finches are about the same size but the males will have red heads, throat, breast and butt. Easy to spot and lots of both around here. Dred, awesome video of the hummingbirds. I wish I could attract that many! That's about all I've seen migrating besides a few Baltimore Orioles and a yellow warbler I haven't ID'd yet. Anyone know what trees the migrating warblers prefer? Last year my neighbor's oak was the only place I saw any. Would like to attract some new birds. Is that just luck and them seeing all the birds feeding here?
  9. Calling all Hummer Lovers!

    Awesome! I was so jealous and inspired so I tried it and it worked!! I have an immature male and female hanging around fighting over the feeders. I took them all down, held one & the male came right to it! Thank you so much for sharing. Made my day!!
  10. That's all good info, thanks. I never thought about Sibleys just being a single contributor. I've only seen East & West editions & being right on the line in Dallas, I'm thinking it might not have everything in it that's possibly here. I will definitely update to the 7th edition and use the Internet as backup. Updated illustrations will definitely help. I had been waiting for the release as well. Thanks!!
  11. How's the 7th Edition? I currently & exclusively use the 6th Edition and was going to get the new version but noticed the map still uses the 2 very similar colors of yellow for different migrations. I have a hard time telling them apart unless both yellows are on the same page. I want another reference book and don't know what to get. Anytime I search bird books, Sibleys has never shown up. Which version would you recommend?
  12. Gnatcatcher?

    Taken yesterday in Plano, TX. Maybe a Wood-Pewee like The Bird Nuts said?
  13. Gnatcatcher?

    I'm just learning so thank you! Yes now I agree because obviously no wing bars. So frustrating knowing I don't have this bird yet I can't count it. Hopefully I will see it again with a better shot. Thank you very much for your help. I don't think I would still be as involved with birding if it weren't for all the help from this site!
  14. Gnatcatcher?

    Very True! Whiat is an empid?
  15. Gnatcatcher?

    I think it's too small to be a Phoebe. Finally got the others uploaded. Maybe these will help. Thanks for helping! IMG_7845 by Alexis LaMaster, on Flickr IMG_7854 by Alexis LaMaster, on Flickr IMG_7809 by Alexis LaMaster, on Flickr